March 1, 2024

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Red is always in fashion

Trendy color - Red

Not only Black color is a favorite in clothing, It would be too boring. Red-another forever fashionable hit. Fashionable focus (only shoes, or bag, or scarf) or dress in red completely.

Red is always in fashion

Red is always in fashion

Popular all shades: from carrot to wine.

Мода: платье Versace, платье Michael Kors, платье Issa, туфли Versace, полусапожки Giambattista Valli

Fashion: Versace dress, Michael Kors dress, Issa dress, Versace shoes, Giambattista Valli ankle boots

Мода: платье Loewe, сапоги Sonia Rykiel, сумка Miu Miu, юбка и свитер Sonia Rykiel

Fashion: Loewe dress, Sonia Rykiel boots, Miu Miu bag, Sonia Rykiel sweater and skirt

Red things can be either self-colored, and patterned.

Trendy color - Red. Photo from the collection of Dolce & Gabbana

Trendy color – Red. Photo from the collection of Dolce & Gabbana

In fashion red dress in peas - look great!

No wonder the word “beautiful” comes from “Red”, see how many wonderful things in this fashion season:

Мода. Осень. Модные тенденции: юбка Dries Van Noten, сумка Mulberry, туфли Dries Van Noten

Fashionable fall trends: skirt Dries Van Noten, Mulberry bag, Dries Van Noten shoes

Мода: платье Versace, юбка и полосатый свитер DKNY, сумка Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion: Versace dress, skirt and striped sweater DKNY, Yves Saint Laurent bag

Are there red things in your wardrobe?

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reviews: 11

  • Light

    Klasna, love the bright colors))

  • Valentine

    Liked bag miou-miou……But how and where it is possible to buy….

  • Saule

    I agree with red. I always liked carrot and red color

  • Mila

    Staring at the fashion bags 2010 year, that there all pale, not that all of the models here are bright and summer!

  • Carina

    Chic colors, Sorry for not always relevant. We have here in the Office practice grey dress code, and sometimes want to all shake and debris in all Red!..

  • fidelevna

    Really liked: Versace dress, skirt and striped sweater DKNY, Yves Saint Laurent bag!!!! All, We must do something quickly!

  • Nastya

    Checked your entire wardrobe, Red no – It's a shame, only one cherry jacket. But many black things. AAAAAA want something red!

  • Анна

    Beautiful… sorry not everyone is, I like the red color makes the pale, so I can only buy or akskssuary skirts, pants, no hats or sweaters blouses… jejejehh….

  • Aneli)

    Through life like a combination of red and black, in the locker room have found a pair of Red handbags, scarves and another skirt, in a style reminiscent of DKNY, dream of boots… and so you can say favorite season begins))

  • Brunette

    I have a red cloak , 2 pair of shoes, bag.. well, Another sweater and skirt in red-and-white Hutch, Really..

  • Dinochka

    What Yves Saint Laurent bag, want to! Now I can not sleep 🙂 …
    Checked my stuff, Red and nothing. Here is this omission. Some things look really nice: Michael Kors dress with collar and dress Versace, But even Sonia Rykiel boots, the color on the top photo tridentinus liked. Beautiful!!!

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