June 19, 2018

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Elegant style back in fashion – so tender and feminine

Элегантный стиль в одежде

Giorgio Armani claimed: “Be elegant-does not mean evident, This means — crashing into memory.” It is difficult to argue with him, After all, these 9 examples of elegant style exactly are remembered for a long time:

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1. Elegant style in grey shades – excellently!

Стильная идея: серое пальто и белые джинсы

Stylish idea: gray coat and white jeans

2. For those, who's behind the wheel.

Короткое пальто

Short coats

3. Pink Cashmere is ideal for an elegant image.

Розовое пальто

Pink coat

4. The original coat cut may become “изюминкой” wardrobe.

На фото: элегантный стиль в одежде

On the photo: the elegant style of dress

5. Cashmere coats and white pants – exquisitely and comfortably!

Классическая элегантная идея с длинным пальто

Classic elegant idea with long coats

6. Spectacular idea

Для стильных женщин

For eye-catching women

7. Accent – on slender legs!

Белое платье и пальто из кашемира

White dress and cashmere coat

8. Easy classics for self-confident women.

Короткое пальто с белыми джинсами

The short coat with white jeans

9. Not simply elegant, but of excellently gently.

Розовое пальто с платьем

Pink coat with a dress

What image most of all liked?

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