April 19, 2024

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Fashionable clothing. Responses to questions

Let's help each other!

Модная одежда. Как выбрать, примеркаWhat is fashionable in this season? How to pick up stuff and accessories already available? How and what to wear fancy clothes?
Ask questions here in the comments. Read other questions and, If you know, answer. The most popular questions will be the subject for new articles.

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  • Nastenka

    This year, I went to college and I would like to look appropriate. But the choice of clothes in my mother and grandmother had disagreements. Tell me what kind of clothes you need to wear to this institution. And also please let our dispute: whether you can wear loose pink blouse with stretch jeans and pink high heels?
    Spssibo beforehand for the answer.

    • Bla-bla-Fashion

      Nastenka, for college, choose a more conservative color. Pink – color light-headed, resort, not suitable for kollezhda. If you want to place bright atsenty, change rose more noble, for example, vinous.
      An exception: if you learn to fashion, You master the designer or other creative professions, where appropriate to dress extravagantly.

  • Marina

    Something I found no contacts or where you can ask a question. Ask here. Tell, You are welcome, about scarves and kerchiefs, as their tie. They are fashionable this season.

    • Bla-bla-Fashion

      Marina, You are absolutely right, -shawls and scarves at the peak of popularity, especially different scarves. See How to tie a scarf.

  • Marina

    May throw idejku, How would I did. Go to the website and order their Quelle catalogue. And there you ready kits. Want to order them straight, want to sostovljaj itself. They just all by age. For aunts, for the business Lady and for College-gelz. You will see girls their age in the pictures. This year, they offer multiple layers, all sorts of socks. Going dressed like every student in Europe!

    If that is not advertising and Quelle, I don't have any relations. Just impressed me as there studenki razodety. I am no longer a student. Nastol'zhi! I would gladly go Institute!

  • Nastya

    Hello! To me 17 years. I submitted this year to the University, and me, конечно,want to look good and attract the attention of young people. I would like to look fashionable, but so, to nor how to walk and, at the same time, neither too officially. Voobshchem, want to be a student with taste, want to look like a particularly, with a twist, but in my years, not to look at a lot of older or younger. Here I appeal to you for help. Can, you tell me, that better matches, What is the trendy clothes more acceptable to the Institute.
    Thank you very much for your attention!

    • AlisaSolks

      relatively University, I think no one cares what someone walks. The main thing that was comfortable to sit in class and not cold! Some warm sweaters and of course jeans forever! Well personally, I went and did not parilas)

    • Elena

      Hello! How to wear a cropped cardigan?
      Thanks in advance for your answer

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