June 25, 2018

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6 winter dresses, I want to wear

Зимние платья

Who said, that is impossible in winter remain feminine? Skirts and dresses all winter are also relevant, – femininity never goes out of fashion! here is 6 options for every day and “on the way out”.

1. Classic winter dress
Knitted dress strict cut suitable for all cases. Looks spectacular with the belt and lightly waistline – so the legs look slimmer.

Классическое зимнее платье

Classic winter dress

2. White knit dress

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Warm dress for the holidays, meeting with friends in a cozy café with a cup of cappuccino. And be sure to white – It's such a winter color! Silhouette is not important, main, that dress was knit and white.

Зимние вязаные платья

Winter knit dresses

3. Slinky dress with open shoulders

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In winter it's nice to have in the locker room seductive dress with open shoulders. From the top you can throw a coat or warm fur scarf.

Зимнее платье с открытыми плечами

Winter dress with open shoulders

4. Vintage dresses and skirts in the style of 50 's
Strictly and tastefully!

Винтаж. Из коллекции Белое Золото, Юлия Прохорова


5. Dress-sweater
In this winter dress nice to walk on snow-covered streets.



6. Long dresses

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Perhaps, long dress not the most convenient for winter, but as it looks!

Длинные зимние платья

Long winter dresses

In addition, the first winter no longer relevant wear light dresses of silk or lace, and above wear a thick sweater – It looks like, This trend also becomes a Winter Classic.



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  • Oksana

    All dresses are good! Dream of a, as 3.

  • Ilona

    Love dresses. Thank you

  • Svetlana

    Beautiful dresses! Purchased similar model yourself. Super quality, stylish models

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