June 25, 2018

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12 идей, How to Match a Handbag to Your Outfit

Как подобрать сумку к одежде

A Handbag – the important part of the wardrobe, which transforms the entire image in General. That is why it is important to choose the right handbag. We already wrote about the trendiest bags a year and how to combine bag and shoes, so we won't remind, Why choose a bag for clothes, rather than shoes. However, Today clothes soon picked up the bag – with expensive bag even cheap clothes will look appropriate and expensive, and cheap bag, Vice versa, can spoil the most expensive outfit. Значит, It is more profitable to buy a couple of high-quality handbags, and to them already pick up clothes.
Let's look at examples of harmonious combinations of different handbags and clothing.

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here is 12 New Ideas, How to Match a Handbag to Your Outfit

1. Green with blue – harmonious combination. A few golden jewelry will make this simple image more “expensive”.

Синяя сумка

Blue bag

2. Black evening along suitable velvet bag Burgundy.



3. With a blue bag will look wonderful bright yellow.

Голубой клатч

Blue handbag

4. Style boho chic becomes more popular every year. More refined this image would look complete with klatchem.

В оттенках бирюзы

In shades of Turquoise

5. With the striped handbag will dovetail effectively wear stripes.

Как подобрать сумку к одежде

How to pick up a bag for clothes

6. Violet color harmonizes with caramel and gold – This color combination is certainly worth a try – looks fabulous!

На фото: как правильно подобрать сумку к одежде

On the photo: How to choose the right bag for clothing

7. Eggplant color class in conjunction with the Royal pink.

Розовый, деним и баклажан

Pink, Denim and eggplant

8. In addition to the black and white colors better pick a bright bag, for example, Coral color.

Яркая сумка

Bright bags

9. Blue in combination with green tints – non-trivial stylish solution!

На фото: как правильно подобрать сумку к одежде

On the photo: How to choose the right bag for clothing

10. The Red bag pick up beige raincoat and red lipstick.

Красная сумка сочетается с бежевым

Red bag combined with beige

11. Shades of blue complement bag Raven Black and silver accessories.

Черная сумка на цепочке

Chain bag

12. With monochromatic bag will look perfectly colored clothing.

На фото: как правильно подобрать сумку к одежде

On the photo: How to choose the right handbag by color to clothes

What combination I liked you?

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  • Irina

    Very interesting examples of combinations of handbags and clothing. Thank you!

  • Maria Nikolaevna

    All combinations are good, the only question, What who go. I doubt caused only last: Emerald color itself is a wonderful, but in clothes goes units – I think, order, who refers to the tsvetotipu “Star road (late autumn).” In the summer I got a dress-Safari sand color and light-red bag, with gray flat jewelled sandals will get a combination No. 10. And all the blue and blue shades I don't go.
    These articles read with pleasure, I am a man of long and hard sh'jushhij, Despite the abundance in stores.

  • ALA

    Agree with Irina!!! Wonderful article!!! I liked the crib with a combination of colors)) It is necessary to keep themselves where anyone. I have here is the outfit is like the third pictures, also the combination of yellow and blue colors jeans and heels. so I zamuchilas' to him to pick up the bag((= But recently found the same suitable beige. She is well fit)))

  • Lisa

    Option # 8 – entirely my. Wear to the black dress ALA Coco Chanel white jacket, like as in the photo, more fitted.. and also with black lining, If I considered. + my favorite bag of bright coral color. Too close to the photo, but the skin texture)) Bezuuumno still want to try the same combination with orange bag.

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