May 24, 2024

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Fashion for broad shoulders

It's time to get podplechiki from the grandmothers ' chests! Broad shoulders became relevant again.

Мода Осень 2009 Зима 2010

Fashion: (1) Narciso Rodriguez, (2) Isabel Marant, (3) Donna Karan

With the fashion for broad shoulders appeared seriously and for a long time, как и fashion on dark colors.
Perhaps, at a glance podplechiki fashion like it only to those, who are now for 40 -they remember, that broad shoulders visually disguise wide hips. by the way, tightening the belt is pulled, receive a desired x and harmonious silhouette:

Мода 2009: Carlos Miele, Versace, Aquilano.Rimondi

Модные тенденции: (4) Carlos Miele, (5) Versace, (6) Aquilano Rimondi.

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  • Mary liv

    I have always liked. Even small coat hangers in a blouse already slim the figure. . And things sit better in the shoulder girdle. I am a designer. many different figures passed in front of me .

  • Tatyana

    Broad shoulders are quite small count of women with certain proportions, and even then not always. There are tall or small romta women, yet, Lent, short-necked, – and they also offer huge podplechiki. Just guard! Why mutilate the, that must be very delicately edit? Example – at least 'Fashion sentence'. Big shoulders' heavier’ figure in almost every case,. Broad shoulders – the inheritance of men. And when the woman rounded sloping shoulders – that can be captivating?

  • Olya

    and I nraaaa 🙂
    I still 3 a year ago I bought myself a dress with very broad shoulders! French!
    mega elegant!
    around all turned up their noses, and said that I look like a guest from the 80th of Soviet collective farm 🙂
    and I immediately fell in love with him, and dragged all summer 🙂
    who knows – he will understand what's the trick 😉 those big shoulders molded figure! This very feminine! men one and all were delighted 😉

    Only in my view the pictures in this post – apart from Carlos Miele with good examples not presented 🙂

  • Tat'jana

    Never liked the broad shoulders! Especially they are not suitable for women with wide hips low. And if there is no heel, guard!!!

  • Perec

    Kak-to po-ofisnomu viglyadit eto. v komiksax obichno odevautsya geroini v odejdu plohie s bolshimi plechami. Dami viglyadyat bolee stervozno.

  • Nicole


    Girls,and that, you better narrow shoulders and a big booty??

  • Svyataya

    And I don't like!!and I'll be wearing clothes with broad shoulders,even if they do not suffer the very wide hips ... There is something in these odd silhouettes!

  • Amarula

    So far I do not like these broad shoulders, but I think, It's not for long. When someone didn't like me terribly thick shoes heels, but fashion vzla and now have in their collection shoes precisely on thick heels. 🙂

  • Инна

    I already wore in the 80 's, so take it easy. But no desire to return to the old, except that at a new level, like in these pics.

  • Irina

    on the 4-th photo (Carlos Miele) I liked the very model! luxuriously! and here's the photo No. 2 (Isabel Marant)as the frighteningly looks… It seemed to me.. )

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    Always remember, what fashion does not dictate, but only offers. Designers invent, and we decide and take only the, that suits us, not everything is just so you can create fashion, But however delightful own unique style.
    Who's got broad shoulders are already fashionable and, конечно, podplechiki do not need.

  • Rita

    Shoulder pads save those who have small sloping shoulders and wide hips, and if the big shoulders well why else add?! I am in favour of harmony!

  • ahaha

    aaaaaaaa))))))))) Girls, Let us long distance couples, now that you all say “Phi”, but after a couple of months it'll all wear with pleasure))) such are the laws of fashion, us begins like that, that it dictates, and we don't notice how very quickly after all- Yes, fall under its influence!)

  • Olga

    Phi… Kachkoobraznye bespolae creatures- that's what this reminds

  • Irina

    I have wide hips, narrow waist and narrow shoulders, Therefore, always a problem find clothes. Not fat, but am looking like PEAR and waist all pants ottopyrivajutsja. After reading this article, decided to try and CHEER! It's a go!
    By autumn trench put something like “podplechikov” 🙂 (well sample) very little and (miracle!) figure as a counterbalance. It turned out something kinda like the last photo in the Center (Versace), only the thighs I fuller. I like! Thank you!!!!
    As I understood, need beauty very small podplechiki, and huge – This bust.

  • Alla

    Broad shoulders, This detail that I never liked and don't like. I won't wear precisely, but if someone is a good way to hide wide hips, then why not?. And fashionable and confident!!! Love yourself 🙂

  • Lisa

    I do not like broad shoulders,never liked the model of old times. Why do the figure of a girl Butch?

  • Natali

    I like it! Ploskobedrym may not go, and for broad-hipped – find 🙂

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