July 16, 2024

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How and what to wear a fur coat

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In winter, the fur should be plenty. Fur products luxurious look, long rush, but are expensive, but because they pick up a fur coat should be.

Most elegant coats - of thin fur short nap:

Модные шубы: Carlos Miele, Valentino, Versace, Bibhu Mohapatra
Fashionable fur coats: (1) Shuba Carlos Miele, (2) mink fur coat without collar Valentino, (3) coat with belt Versace, (4) Shuba Bibhu Mohapatra

Fashionable to wear a fur coat without a collar and buttons. For heat Todd coat belt or belt, and put on a warm coat turtleneck, sweater with a collar or excellent winter dress. If a thin coat is slammed, Choose a model with a long NAP:

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Модные шубы с длинным ворсом: Michael Kors, Derek Lam, Iceberg

Fashionable fur coats with a long NAP: (5) and (6) Michael Kors coats, (7) short coat Derek Lam, (8) white fluffy coat Iceberg

Although fashion black color, but in winter, popular color coats and Sheepskin Coats:

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Модные шубы цветные: Michael Kors, Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant, Alberta Ferretti
Fashion fur color: (9) Yellow Michael Kors coat, (10) Blue Coat Emilio Pucci, (11) Lilac furcoat Bottega Veneta, (12) Leopard fur coat Isabel Marant, (13) Sheepskin Alberta Ferretti

Pay attention to the original model with fur accents:

Модный мех: Tuleh, Fendi, Versace, Valentino
Fashion fur: (14) Tuleh, (15) Fendi dress, (16) Versace coat, (17) Valentino coat

Popular rounded edges and fur capes:

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Шубы, меховые накидки: Fendi, Matthew Williamson
Fur coats, fur capes: (18) and (19) Fendi, (20) Matthew Williamson

Wanted to buy a new coat? Do not throw old-from it turn out gorgeous fashion fur jacket. The new coat pick fashionable Cap.

And what coats like you? Prefer natural or artificial?



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  • Alexander

    So that I prefer natural fur? Fur coats, hats, bags, shoes… I just love and eat meat) And leather shoes, and gloves. All the poor animals specially for the vyrashhijut in special farms like chickens with no money for mink- take out rabbit, now do under the mink! Well be on 2-3 of the year . And investment in mink- This classic and always current. And not svaljaetsja a month as artificial. Quality always in fashion. No one calls because kill usurijskogo Tiger for the sake of the collar. Than bad Fox and coypu ?

    And I forgot to write- artificial fur coats for heavier natural. After all, it is necessary to insulate the Frost. And in nature.- only the fur and lining. I have such and such has. In artificial can only walk with the dog so as not to feel sorry for lying in the snow and bushes for it to run. And there are still made of feathers of ostrich) You do not feel sorry for birds? No need to hide behind love animals have. When you eat a steak is over it is not crying? Artificial red caviar, faux fur coat, sausage ... This is done mainly for mass consumption with the average and minimum income. From Versace and Dolce iskustvenuju can buy a fur coat, but the cost will be more than a mink in the store (that, too, is designed for the masses) You, amateur counterfeits if Fox will give a natural zelennuju to bathrobe similar- do not give up? Diamond is better because costume jewelry?

  • Michaëlla

    Dear madammuzeli, you are one family and discuss would need to somehow not iz'jazvljaja each other: collaborate and listen to each other and powder puff you mood!!!

  • orenkomp

    European ladies in utter disregard for the rules, relevant still 20-30 years ago. for example, These girls are boldly put to its Leopard fur coats ripped jeans-boyfriends or jeans-skinny, sneakers or shoes. We do not even udivimsja, If we learn, What shoes they put on at Barefoot!

  • Alina

    I think, that faux fur coat full fur coat both good ,artificial deshjovo, easy and natural , my favorite faux fur coat. A genuine fur coat I like.

  • Katya

    I think that artificial fur Technology Now ripened, the insulating material is also very good. Cold day wear is not cold

  • Tatyana

    Daaaa…. Now in the trend faux fur…. Hahaha. Nu-nu. She bought one coat and wears her years due to lack of Finance on new. She at least one has accumulated and does not go in deshevkah and fakes, prekryvajas' trends and fashion season. Furskins and only a few coats in the cloakroom. And if it is not possible to change coats at least every two years. your concerns. Learning and work should have a good find. that would be norochke and Eastern walk, every year in different. In the trend it in artificial, faux Fashionista. Hahaha.

    • Natalia

      Artificial Fashionista-funny read!) Now modern trends are moving towards ethical fashion. Mankind has long invented a wonderful alternative materials for, that winter was warm and beautiful. The brain, however, women in the unit's, that fur – beautiful, fashionable, status. Beautiful – not arguing! But only the living animal! Why living beings must suffer because, you want every season wear their skins of different colors, in different styles and variations? People really don't want to open your eyes to the truth about, way exhibits coats. Although we are not living in the stone age and not in the middle ages, and even in the extreme server, you can get dressed so, that was warm and ethically. Genuine fur coat, as a symbol of wealth and status – old school!!! People quite mad poshodili, think, that kill all living things for the sake of whim – It's the norm. Position limited Egoists (jegoistok, in particular) Would have worked, You, Tatyana, the production of such fur, or at least one eye looked – would have changed your opinion. Although such people, deaf, blind and hypocritical. But hope, You are not from such

  • IRA

    I also prefer natural artificial fur. It is not necessary to buy a fur coat dorogushhuju, I summer in Dubai has chosen a very original jacket fox fur jacket and Greek production factory Abel furs. And not so expensive, Both mink and look more fashionable, modern.

  • Marina

    Believe me, When in winter – 35, and it happens -49 – better norochki no!!!

  • Rehuna

    the taste and color – no mates. I also looked interesting monochrome models from Simon, Are you sure, you will enjoy. Light, gentle and most importantly – This solid color coats should you enjoy the taste. This coat looks really kingly-this model will look great on any festive event, even on your own wedding!

  • KET

    I'm a fan of natural fur. Winner herself beautiful mink coat. Stayed mum's fur coat (She bought a new), think of it make a fur jacket

  • Anny

    Girls really decorates the fur! Undeniably this very luxurious! And choose artificial or natural fur this thing personally every Fashionista!

  • Taya

    agrees with the view that faux fur in vogue now herself watch fashion trends on fur coats and came to the conclusion that I would sew a coat cut similar to bathrobe

  • ALA

    Not so long ago was a lover of natural furs. And now amuse girls, that pontujutsja so, that they have “natural fur”. And here she walks in this polutoratonnoj coat, seasons 5, because, that spent crazy grandmother.
    Take the coat itself almost every season a new, from Sue furs. Warm and practical. Always fashionable)). By the way this season, faux fur – fashionable. Somehow this is not mentioned in the article. Surprised! Just fancy blue tones (bright neon in premium), animal ornament, and fur under the Fox (in premium suit. fur). <реклама удалена модератором> Shorter, girls, in the 90 's fashion trend.))).

  • Oksana

    Don't understand color fur. .. Green for example)
    And why nothing said about the artificial? I've been wearing itself under Fox. A great alternative to natural!

  • Liska

    Green fur coat at bath bathrobe is similar)))
    Still I don't like natural fur.
    Bought a coat under the mink, thought going cold. But this past winter betrayed, not even podmerzla never.

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