April 19, 2024

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Fashion from Armani

Sometimes there are interesting main pre-collection fashion collections. for example, see models from the provisional Giorgio Armani fall fashion collection 2009:

Giorgio Armani, мода осень 2009

Giorgio Armani, fall fashion 2009, Preview. fashion collection

And that's what happened in the final fall collections 2009 -winter 2010:

Giorgio Armani, мода осень-зима 2009, модная коллекция

Giorgio Armani, fashion fall-winter 2009, fashion collection

The final version of the, certainly, more glamorous, but the pre-collection is more suitable for life 🙂 and certainly deserves attention. by the way, pritalennoe coat with dense natural color looks undeniably elegant, and the resulting image as a whole.
And what you liked?

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reviews: 7

  • Rurik

    Precisely because of these posts and you should read 🙂

  • Alla

    Suggest topics, who likes hudyshechka in the latest prelude pictures. collection to present themselves as such. This model takes only thin…

  • Amarula

    Me from all photo like most photo. Very original coat, bag, Yes agreed that both the bag. But with dense coat looks prettier than the girl pictured above. The girl in the photo above overcoat looks less modern. Well, this is my personal opinion 🙂

  • Юля

    I liked the provisional collection. Especially the girl on the last photo, insanely liked this image, exquisitely, elegantly and nothing more. Be sure to take note of.

  • Инна

    Provisional collection I liked more, refined and somehow. The final collection with these zhlobskimi berets and jackets of varying lengths – scruffy and old, in the sense of “already it was recently”. Better first option – “It was always”.

  • VIKI

    and to me the latest girl liked. It would be interesting to see, that for platishka under coat?..

  • Angela

    I enjoyed the fashion and style from the top photo. On the lower, especially the girl on the right looks like an old bag chewed bag. I'd such a neither-nor… Udevushki top cool bag and bracelet (Watch?) – somehow very all harmoniously worked out, You can all go and take, nothing unnecessary and add anything you don't want to.

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