June 19, 2018

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Leather skirt and sweater – How to look fashionable

Кожаная юбка и свитер

In cold warm knitwear perfectly combined with leather. A cozy sweater warms, and leather gives the image an intriguing seductiveness. Leather skirt and sweater – is femininity and comfort! Lots of interesting options can be compiled with a leather skirt. The most popular combination, oversajz sweater with a pencil skirt or mini skirt, We see everywhere, – This image of love by many and actively quoted. With, as a rule, even the colors are quoted: Gray sweater and black leather skirt.

На фото свитер оверсайз с юбкой

On photo oversajz sweater with skirt

Boring, isn't it?

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For those, who prefers not to be “as all”, We offer new options. Combining different textures and styles, mixing fashion colors, adding stuff and accessories, You can get new stylish images.

here is 6 trending combinations of leather skirts with sweater:

1. Different textures in one color (even in black!) look impressive.

Черное с черным

Black with black

2. Just add jacket! Or at least scarf.
Fitted jacket over a sweater will give the image a more feminine silhouette.

Юбка, свитер и пиджак

Skirt, sweater and jacket

Perhaps, in this photo the girl not quite true picked up things in style and color, but in general the direction correctly. Scarf, gloves and other accessories help you create a unique individual style.
In this example, it is better to choose the color Cognac jacket – in the color of your hair, and scarf – with bright color ornament, then the image will be flawless.

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3. Large sweater and tight mini skirt will not look vulgar, adding an image of thick tights in a color skirt. In this case,, the image does not look boring, It is better to diversify decorations.

Черная кожаная юбка и серый свитер

Black leather skirt and gray sweater

4. With a wide skirt below the knee well-fitting sweater with an emphasis on the waist.

Широкая кожаная юбка и свитер

Wide leather skirt and sweater

5. Do not forget about color! Bordeaux, Blue, Emerald and other trendy colors look trivial and are enriched with black leather skirt.

Черная юбка из кожи с цветным свитером

Black leather skirt with colored sweater

6. Beige and caramel – This is a classic! A leather pencil skirt any nuance – It's a timeless classic, Perhaps, more popular, than black. Suitable for work, to meet with friends in a café or walks around the city – Universal thing at all times.

Свитер и кожаная юбка-карандаш

Sweater and leather pencil skirt

by the way, to sviteru with a leather skirt perfectly suited decoration, – about Tom, How to properly complement the decorations daily image, мы уже писали here.

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  • Larisa

    Leather skirt should be in every woman's wardrobe. Using it, you can adjust the shape and create beautiful kits

  • Lina

    Liked the skirt at the Castle. Original

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