June 19, 2024

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Epicentre. Choose a dress for the new year


We have analyzed, what to wear on new year's Eve, How to choose Christmas hairstyle, and even published photo 25 the best Christmas dresses. Today more look at dresses for new year's event.

What to wear “Working” dress for the new year 2025? If the customary new year's dress can be of any length, the dress for new year's event better choose a length up to or above the knee. Avoid mid-calf length – a New Year's dress visually make the legs and curved short.

Платья на Новый год: Missoni, Diane von Furstenberg, Kay Unger

Dresses for new year's Eve, on the photo: (1) Missoni, (2) Diane von Furstenberg, (3) Kay Unger

Too short dress dress also undesirable. you do not want to seem frivolous stupid girl and spoil yourself career?

See ready ideas, what to wear for the New 2025 year.

Dresses for new year's Eve 2025 and New Year's corporate

Choosing a dress for the new year, do not forget, that as indicate, and spend the entire next business year. And then there's its important moments.

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Attract good luck and new interesting work, facing the new year in a white dress. by the way, the white color is suitable for those, who wants to start the new year with a clean slate and take up a new post or change the workplace. White – the color of freedom and new beginnings.

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Платья на Новый год: Aidan Mattox, Ports 1961, Halston Heritage
White dresses new year, on the photo: (4) Aidan Mattox (blouse with skirt, You can select a longer skirt:) ), (5) Ports 1961, (6) Halston Heritage

Want a bigger paycheck? Enjoy accessorizing a dress on new year's Eve with metallic luster or metal parts and decorations of gold and Platinum.

Платья на Новый год: Behnaz Sarafpour, Diane von Furstenberg, BCBG Max Azria
Shiny new year dresses, on the photo: (7) Behnaz Sarafpour, (8) vel'vetovoe dress Diane von Furstenberg, (9) BCBG Max Azria

Блестящие платья на Новый год. На фото: ABS, David Meister, Elizabeth and James
Shiny new year dresses. On the photo: (10) ABS, (11) David Meister, (12) Elizabeth and James

If the epicentre is scheduled to ball, then choose a dress with lush skirt. Especially a fabulously and you will look great in that dress, If the previous year to work wore only strict closed costumes. Be sure to mark your bosses creativity.

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Платья на Новый год: Aidan Mattox, Diane von Furstenberg, Kara Janx
Dresses for new year's Eve, on the photo: (13) Aidan Mattox, (14) Diane von Furstenberg, (15) Kara Janx

Going into the new year to become Chief? It is necessary to make the right impression! Choose strict elegant dress with expensive jewelry.

Платья на Новый год: Nicole Miller, Aidan Mattox, Theia
Dresses for new year's Eve: (16) Nicole Miller, (17) Aidan Mattox, (18) Theia

Already chose the dress? Then don't forget to make your boss and colleagues let small, but original Christmas gifts.
A successful new year and success at work!!!



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  • Katya

    What beautiful Christmas dresses. 14 really enjoyed

  • Инна

    Beautiful. Stylish. Tastefully

  • Elena

    and I do not. We have a new year in winter and bosanozhkah and short plat'ecah sleeveless cool

  • Maria

    This is the best compilation of Christmas dresses. Nothing fussy, but exquisitely, – then, for a holiday among colleagues.

  • Olga

    Very interesting dresses, I too have long elected, that come up, What to wear for your corporate event and corporate event husband. Eventually chose two dresses, for your corporate event took the hair upward and separate strands released, but on the second, Vice versa, dissolve the hair gently zaviv.

  • Hassan

    I love to wear silk underwear

  • Ksenia

    Hello! I am in awe of your blog! Very stylish and articles you have the. that it is necessary to!

  • Anya

    I really liked the dresses. Thank you! I would put the top black, left, with beads – strictly, stylish, tastefully. Choker – also a good idea.
    Here write about long, Yes, close the neck – well, I do not know… This is the same new year's Eve!!! Should be joyful and let a little seductive)

  • Nuria

    dresses are designed for girls and on new year's Eve in the southern country. on models even pantyhose no. Nothing and nothing new, Unfortunately. All dresses are equally short, without mainly sleeveless and open neck and breasts, similar to each other. I'd say cloth covering the skinny body. Little choice. It was possible and long to submit. they are now in fashion

  • Gulshat village

    dresses are not very

  • Larisa

    Charming dresses. Especially liked the Black Lace – like nothing special, but the soul takes!

  • Tamara

    Also think, to wear on new year's Eve party at work… I liked ... 7. But that's not too provocatively?

  • Veronica

    Great Christmas dresses, simply Super! Most top black liked (2) – such a simple and such luxury, only add decorations.

  • Sabina

    Chic isn't much cause not very humble !

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