June 19, 2018

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Necklaces – what to buy and what to wear: necklace, necklaces, chain

Как правильно носить украшения

Stylists often recommend to along to pick up decorations. In fact, depending on the selected jewelry varies greatly produced us the impression. We will gladly select watches, Bracelet, chain… But, Unfortunately, very few women are paying due attention to the neck ornaments. And because they are about the person and, like no other, show others the very sense of style. With, taste is expressed not only in the ability to pick up decorations for the evening dress, But even the t-shirt and jeans! Да, style starts with details, especially with those, We carry most often, in everyday life. So today let's talk about exactly, What jewelry to wear the regular clothes, but at the same time, let's deal with the names of jewelry.

Necklace or Choker?

The chain knows all, and here necklace and Necklace often confused. Actually all just: Necklace differs from necklaces to only those, the central part of the decoration is serving.

Названия украшений

Name jewelry

In turn all necklace, necklaces, chains and beads have their name depending on the length of:

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Name jewelry

Choker – the shortest necklace or Choker, or it is called “stand-up collar”.

Following along the length of the – Collard – vorotnikovoe necklace. It is so named not for nothing, because it is often worn as a collar to clothing.

Названия украшений

Name jewelry

How to properly wear a neck decoration

This lookup table decorations under different kinds of cuts will prompt the correct solution:

Как подобрать колье под вырез платья

How to pick a necklace under neckline dress

Actually much more suitable options, than in the table. Let's look at the most interesting:

Chain with pendant – the most popular. You can wear them even with the simplest clothes, with a t-shirt and jeans. In addition, They visually elongate the silhouette, especially in combination with jacket or vest.

На фото цепочки с кулоном

The photo chain with a pendant, BaubleBar

Everyday Turtleneck or sweater will decorate necklace.

На фото разные виды колье

The different types of photo necklace

The shirt – ChALkeR, Collard, Princess. This may be as a necklace, and a necklace or chain with a pendant.

Украшения в сочетании с рубашкой

Decorations in combination with shirt

Fashion necklaces can be worn with a dress, and under a jacket or coat.

На фото. с чем носить колье

On the photo: What to wear necklaces

How to choose the color of the decorations for everyday clothes? If you just start to learn to pick up decorations, avoid Motley and golden necklace. When combined, they will look inept vulgar. Better start with silver jewelry. To narjadnomu dress – White.

Колье и ожерелье

Necklaces and necklace – examples, How to choose the right under neckline blouse

Always appropriate with t-shirt look jewelry “handmade”. In this case, the color should be selected in the colour of clothes or hair color.

Колье с кисточками, BaubleBar

Choker with tassels, BaubleBar

Bib-style necklace always goes well with everyday style:

Колье Bib с повседневным стилем

Bib necklace with daily style

Long chains of the povsednevom style is best to tie the knot or just buying jewelry Y-type.



However, long Y-chain look good with Office clothes, under Cardigan, jumper or jacket.



Layered chain – Another fashion hit of the season. Fashionable wear with multilayer clothing.

Многослойные цепочки

Layered chain

With the jacket style and spectacular look original necklace:

Украшения под пиджак

Jewelry under the jacket

Wear a black dress to a thin golden chain – too old fashioned. A string of pearls – Classic, regurgitated, too boring…
ChALkeR or collar Brown – fresh, refined and so seductive!

Коллар к черной одежде

Collard (“collar”) the black clothing

Украшения к черной одежде

Decorations for black clothing

Massive necklaces are worn not only with monochromatic clothing. The pattern is valid, but in this case, you must pick up a necklace under pattern style. for example, the striped dress – “striped” Ornament:

На фото: Как выбрать колье к полосатой одежде

On the photo: How to choose a necklace to a striped dress.

Even on a chilly day, don't forget to wear over a warm sweater or pullover a favorite ornament, – looks seductive!

На фото: с какими украшениями носить свитер

On the photo: What kind of jewelry to wear sweater

A successful choice!

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    Didn't even know, that decoration can be combined with everyday clothes so beautiful. Thanks for the ideas. Буду пробовать 🙂

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    Correctly combine decorations, even with warm clothing – This is art! Interesting examples, kept myself, be sure to try.

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