April 19, 2024

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Деним — модный хит года!

fashionable denim

Once upon a time, the word “Denim” meant a dense fabric from the French town of Nîmes (from Him = de Nîmes), now that Word has become synonymous and mean a whole fashion trend. Moreover, denimom is now called not only dense, but light, that comfortable to wear in hot weather. What's popular this season in denim?

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Of course, It jeans: faded, with holes or flowers, short and long, light and dark.

В стиле Деним: D&G, Blumarine, Ralph Lauren , Unique

Denim style. Модные коллекции : (1) (D)&(G), (2) Blumarine, (3) Ralph Lauren , (4) Unique

Length can be any, – in fashion maxi, 7/8 and 3/4.

Denim by John John

Denim by John John

Actual color combination – denim and white. And again in fashion returned “dumplings” from the beginning of the 90s.

Denim by John John

Denim by John John

Dresses, sundresses and trendy jumpsuits from denim:

Деним: платье D&G, сарафан Stella McCartney, платье G-Star, комбинезон Rag & Bone

Fashion Denim. Модные коллекции: (5) dress D&(G), (6) Stella McCartney dress, (7) G-Star dress, (8) Rag jumpsuit & Bone.

Pay attention: Denim things fashionable to wear in combination with clothes from the skin, as well as with semi-transparent and Lacy things.

Denim, Guess

Denim jacket, Guess

Vests, skirts and seductive shirts:

Деним: жилет Twenty8Twelve, юбка Stella McCartney, рубашка D&G, юбка и рубашка D&G

Denim. Модные коллекции: (9) Twenty8Twelve jacket, (10)Stella McCartney skirt, (11) shirt D&(G), (12) skirt and shirt (D)&(G)

To denim shirt looked boldly and simultaneously ceksi, enjoy accessorizing it top or a beautiful Bustier, top buttons not zastegivaj. Pockets, buttons, wide straps and a wide variety of accessories – a great addition to the style of Denim!



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  • Veronica

    Very cool denim shorts I bought yesterday

  • Katya

    And I bought a cool jeans

  • ilnar

    Stella McCartney dress (7)It was a marvel)) Want Want!!!

  • Наталья

    So simple, but original! where are my 17 years???

  • Lika

    Which dress (7) G-Star dress!! For a long time already I want to imagine such, to the pockets and buttoned and color exactly such.
    Liked yet entirely image (2) Blumarine – summer, warm. A Handbag, shoes. sweater – all excellent! Once the summer and wanted so here is a walk through the streets 🙂

  • Инна

    Long thought, that more liked – Unable to allocate special! All cool! But first of all I would like to put on yourself, Perhaps, all, that model 8 (Rag & Bone).

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