October 3, 2023

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Little black dress

Little black dress

The famous little black dress popular again. And no wonder, After all, it is the perfect thing to combine.
But as it looked in the original dress? It turns out, Coco Chanel has created this below-the-knee length dress with low waist. Drawing dresses first appeared in Vogue in may 1926 of the year.

Модное маленькое черное платье. Осень, Зима: Sophia Kokosalaki, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent. Оригинальный рисунок Габриэль Шанель

Trendy little black dress: Sophia Kokosalaki, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Saint Laurent. To the right is the original picture Gabrielle Chanel

Dress is famous for the fact, the black color was considered to be unpopular. With the advent of many of the fashion trends we have paid attention to this color. And this year: together with the famous dress returns to fashion and black color.

Little black dress looks spectacular even in cold weather

Little black dress looks spectacular even in cold weather

Modern little black dress changed, but the main remained: monotone, dark color and easy cutting. I would like to mention, What is popular is not exactly black color, and any dark shade: dark-grey, dark brown, dark blue, etc.. (A), means, any babe, regardless of the color type appearance, can find the desired hue.

Модное маленькое черное платье. Осень, Зима: Akris, Collette Dinnigan, Blumarine, L'Wren Scott

Trendy little black dress. Autumn, Winter: Akris, Collette Dinnigan, Blumarine, L'Wren Scott, Chanel

The dress is so universally, that is really suitable for all occasions: with expensive accessories for called dinner, from leather jacket -urban walking.

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Маленькое черное платье. С чем носить

Have this dress in the wardrobe just need: adding accessories, You can create many combinations, and everytime look different!
See, how and what to wear a little black dress >>



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  • София

    Also love the color black, especially when he plays rich shades.

  • Alina

    I adore black dresses. In my wardrobe half dresses black, leaving friends and relatives constantly criticize me?? But I wouldn't say that they're all the same, different cloth, texture and silhouette. Recently lit up the desire to purchase a suit of Tweed (black and grey)?

  • Selina

    And if it's going to be a little blue dress? How much to change the scope of its application?

  • Alina

    A little black dress should be at each! When you do not know, What to wear, This always helps me dress.

  • Irina

    In my wardrobe black dress was and is always,glad that is back in fashion. This is the basis for combining clothes.

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    To determine the, What to wear, always look at the photos carefully. for example, from the decorations this season to the little black dress suit only watches and bracelets-all must be very concisely, as pictured. The main decoration – person, and it means, accent do on well-researched makeup. No wonder that so much attention is given to, How to choose makeup to clothing, rather than accessories.
    Beads, necklaces, thread the pearls, chain – now it is not fashionable to wear with a little black dress, but fashion only offers, but does not dictate 😉 If the soul asks neck ornaments, but still want to look modern, It is best to choose a lightweight scarf or shawl, but such, nothing to distract attention from the person.

  • Marina

    Really, This dress is always attracts the eye and never tire. But I really feel sorry for dress, to which attached waistcoat, similar to dzhinsovu. It completely destroyed. I would like to receive advice on accessories to such dress.

  • Oksana

    love black color!!! love dresses!!
    all darker shades are very beautiful!!!!

  • IRA

    Yes there are to choose from

  • Dinochka

    Black dress, jacket and red shoes – I liked the idea. Something like that, and like, but she could not articulate, and now here it 🙂 Thanks!

  • Инна

    This I like, not bored, tastefully. Only Shanel'nyj figure reminiscent of my “grandmother”.

  • Oksana

    and I just felt like I bought myself a black dress and black dress,now I will know what to combine

  • Veronica

    Finally something! And I thought, Oh and where this dress is gone… Long time no seen. It is indeed a universal and always looks stylish.

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