December 4, 2021

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Fashion shorts

Relevant long and short shorts, with pockets and without. the main thing, true to pick up shorts by color to the rest of the clothes:
Мода 2010. Модные коллекции: Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Gucci,  Viktor&Rolf
They will look gorgeous afternoon with t-shirt, and in the evening-with jacket. High heels are highly desirable.
Модные коллекции: Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Gucci, Viktor&Rolf

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Модные шортыPay attention, the correct one and the same along to pick up a few different trendy shorts: Shorts are selected tone blouse, shoes and hair color. To dress with a pattern is easiest to pick monophonic fashion shorts, and multi-colored shorts is easy to combine with monochrome clothes.



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  • crank shaft

    Victoria, totally agree with you. Fashion for all, and should cover all age categories. There are clothes for young, that well, does not fit an adult on different parameters. And there are fashionable clothes for people of any age, I know one example, This Vilebrequin shorts. The brand specializes in men's clothing, but there is also a women's collection. Note.

  • Victoria

    Why only for the young? Fashion – it is the same for all! To me 51 and I watch the figure, the fashion ideas, Result – always in shape, and yet many 20-summer I envy. And it's not even in shape. I have a girlfriend – a plump woman, but always finds the fancy stuff, it fit. Do not blindly follow fashion, pick up only, that suits you on the figure, by style. Here I liked it, that illustrated how to select different shorts – It does not depend on the shape and age. And shorts with a jacket from Sonia Rykiel (Pictured 2nd) precisely at any age, at least I imagine the photo copied, I liked the idea 🙂 Come creatively to the selection of clothes, do not blindly copy, and tuck. Another useful to look, how to dress your age or actress singer.

  • светлана

    All the beautiful and lovely,but for the young, and that for those who are over 40?

  • Angela

    Thanks for the tips! Да, The concept is simple 🙂

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