June 19, 2024

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Some coats to choose? Designers offer a variety of colors and styles.
Classic-coat with fur collar:

Мода 2009. Пальто на осень: Matthew Williamson, Zac Posen, Alberta Ferretti, Dsquared

Fashion. Coats for fall: (1) Matthew Williamson, (2) Zac Posen, (3) Alberta Ferretti, (4) Dsquared

Fashionable coat: coat zipper, leather coat, with collar, coat x-silhouette:

Мода, осень. Пальто 2009: Nicole Miller, Oscar de la Renta, Giorgio Armani, Versace

Fashion, autumn. Coat: (5) Nicole Miller, (6) Oscar de la Renta, (7) Giorgio Armani, (8) Versace

Fashionable to wear a cloak or coat, not buttoning up, but only tying on top of belt:

Мода 2009. Модное пальто на осень

Fashionable coat. Autumn: (9) Giorgio Armani, (10) Collette Dinnigan, (11) Burberry Prorsum, (12) Oscar de la Renta

Particularly fashionable will coat poncho, coats and a-line:

Мода. Пальто, осень 2009: Missoni,  Tommy Hilfiger, Derek Lam, Givenchy

Trendy fall coat: (13) Missoni, (14) Tommy Hilfiger, (15) Derek Lam, (16) Givenchy

Trendy details: short sleeve, wallet, large collar, and such popular this fall overhead shoulders.
Don't like coats? Choose jacket !

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reviews: 19

  • Veronica

    And I bought myself a feather coat, It is warm and beautiful

  • Marina

    I like this list – competently made, without excessive pathos and sober tone.

  • Oksana

    most I liked: just, элегантно, No cumbersome:)

  • Ekaterina

    And I liked 1 and 9

  • Alexander

    Yes what you've bonded to these kolokolchikam, It all depends on the shape, I'm slim and I too not all coats fit though, and with the figure of all is fine,and so much pink coat, by the way I already bought myself, too pink under sirenivenkie batilony!!!Excellent contrast!!! This turned out to be bright!!!And all these black, Gray already so tired)))So I believe, all of us girls, not worth it get hung up on the dark shades and cloudy autumn days we will instead of the Sun)))

  • Veronica

    3 and most – simply Super!!!

  • Miks

    This is because, Serezha, We love bells, that the love we have cakes, and my waist already those taaaaa…. under the Bell..

  • Инна

    I'm old’ Fashionista, This I like, Very much. All tastefully, but not everything will look so smooth on real girls. Beige poncho on the bottom pictures lack shoulder line can be put only on the V-shape, with high growth.

  • Eugenia

    I am very 1 and 10 liked it. .. love when the emphasis on waist…

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    This style of coat (Alberta Ferretti) -fashionable classics. From the new season in this fashionable: a-line, broad shoulders, volume (things on 3 size more). But most importantly-details: Color, Accessories, combination. Styles are repeated, and the parts are improved. Be careful to detail!
    Take the coat from Alberta Ferretti: pay attention to the color of bags and shoes. The color of the shoe matches the color of tights and scarf (scarf, blouses), and tint bags-tone coat, but much richer. If the coat color of shoes bag select, and dance tights – natural color, all modern charm gets lost and immediately coat will look old-fashioned.
    Always pay attention not only to the model, But what to wear, How to choose the color, Accessories.

  • Victoria

    Exactly the same coat,like Alberta Ferretti (in the first row of the third), only black, I already pronosila 3 of the year!Or is the whole chip:It was black, now it is fashionable to the same, but beige?!..Nothing new…

  • Stjushka

    1,16,9-I liked these models,and nothing that black,After all, you can find and color models

  • Irina

    And me “hooked” models photo 3 and 9!!!!! Super!!! (e) 9th unusual color!I would definitely come!

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    Olga, coats represented for all – for thin and full, for small and high. It's just fashion trends. Coats are slender high model, but this does not mean, that clothing only for ideal for shapes. Each of us can take advantage of the trendy ideas, and choose silhouette shape and color to taste. by the way, in the selection of clothing is not completeness-thinness, and proportionality of shapes. Naive, that clothing makes BBW hudyshku and vice versa. Don't try to seem so, who are not, and better emphasise the dignity of. Uniquely, complete contra-hlamidoobraznaja clothing, very few suits and a-line, for the rest, – Choose harmony and remember, that there are no rules without exceptions. Also recommend to read Clothing – the most common errors, who commit owner figures marked with “plus”.
    Be beautiful and keep your own unique style!

  • Olga

    Well why not models for overweight women!

  • VIKI

    and I liked the coats from the penultimate line

  • Tanya

    Porisoedinjajus Sergey. Hate Trapeze, sloping shoulders without waist!
    I like 1 and 7, only not black. Black bored to death.
    However, it is possible to attract the attention of lovers against the backdrop of a darker 🙂

  • Sergey

    Girls, Why are you so passionate about coat-bells from the last photo? They disfigure the shape. Wear better such as pictured 1, 3 and 8 🙂
    I have a friend just now bought such a Bell. And I can't say that it's awful and look at it…

  • Irina

    Did not expect such a diversity of. Cool, that there are color. Not love, When everything is gray and black.

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