December 4, 2021

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style Lesson. How to choose a handbag and shoes

Bags & Shoes

Choose monochromatic bag of the same color, that stores – too old fashioned. Nothing you can think of a duller and bezvkusnee, than black monochrome bag and shoes with indistinct grey suit.
Bag or shoes in the first place must be combined with clothing!
And, If you have black shoes and bag, It should be at least black gloves:

Мода. Модная коллекция Giorgio Armani
Fashion. Giorgio Armani fashion collection

How to dress, When it is impossible to give up your favorite pair of black shoes and bags?
Photo 1: dress in all black, but be sure to complete the image of a bracelet or a handkerchief.
Photo 2: Add at least black gloves. It is desirable to, to the pattern of clothing was also black color.
Photo 3: add black pants and watch.
Photo 4: still get my bag color, that prevails in your wardrobe. Diversity is sometimes useful.

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It goes without saying, Black you can replace any other foreground color and, following the above rules, you will look in-fashion. Classic can also be modern, If approached wisely!

And what about the dress really fashionable and stylish?
fashionably: monochrome and color shoes bag, combined with clothes:

Мода. Emporio Armani, Versace, Sonia Rykiel, Moschino Cheap & Chic
Fashion: (5) Emporio Armani, (6) Versace, (7) Sonia Rykiel, (8) Moschino Cheap & Chic

Bag select to dress, by zhaketu, to makeup lips etc..
An interesting variant on the photo (8) Moschino Cheap & Chic. Brick color shoes matched to the checkered bag in tone, with this bag in turn combined with a dress on the picture and with a manicure by color.

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Fashion trend to combine shoes and a bag with clothes is very convenient – enough to have several pairs of shoes and bags, to look differently every time, even with very modest wardrobe. Take for example a small black dress, which is in every stylish woman's wardrobe:

Модные сумки, обувь: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana
Fashion bags, shoes: Prada, Dolce & Gabbana

Bag and shoes fit to dress and to each other, It's a go 4 fashion image.
Want to look more effectively? Enjoy accessorizing a monophonic lace dress.

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If you have a black dress, means, find and black shoes. Add to wardrobe a few colorful bags and get other stylish and trendy options:

Мода - 2010: сумка Roger Vivier, туфли Lanvin, сумка Tod's
Fashion: Roger Vivier bag, Lanvin shoes, Tod's bag

You can still… However, try itself to come up with other options. There are so many of them, that each might look original and delightful, using just ONE fashionable idea! by the way, bag to your shoes or clothes you can pick up not only by color or pattern, but also in texture.
Go ahead try and experiment!



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  • Анна

    bags must be every woman

  • Elena

    Here I have all the clothes and shoes black or gray, nuuuuu so I love these colors, but here I want to buy the Red bag, It will corresponds with such clothing?

    • Bla-bla-Fashion

      Да, will be combined.

  • Marina

    I love versatile and beautiful bags, to make it convenient to combine with different clothes, Therefore, my favorite brand of bags Vitacci, they always have an attractive appearance and very practical.

  • Alesya191

    Purses love, many can't afford,because I love the quality of the, but there are limitations in finance. Однако, for every season I try to update. Excellent article, I came to the idea of buying for spring. Thanks to the author!

  • Olya

    Good article, order more, What about the choice of women's handbags can talk very long! Do you happen to develop the theme briefly. That's the only question: already bought a bright red bag from Coccinelle too in the Borsellino, now I think, the same red outdoor shoes need?

    • Bla-bla-Fashion

      Red bag exactly not necessarily glean the red shoes. It is better to choose shoes under clothes, for example, under the jacket.

  • Lyudmila

    You have a wonderful article, but in the light of the last time I would encourage record caste. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so, easier to understand, and in the form of presentations. Good luck!!!

  • Sashenka

    Thanks for the tips) all correctly!

  • Dilya

    What color scarf fits, Purple jacket (a photo)

  • rules


  • Zarina))

    I liked more the second option ... Most normal, and all the others some too bonkers on fashion…I love big bags and leather and patent leather heels…

    • Angela

      I agree with you. The more skin has always been and will be in trend.
      I usually take purses classic plan. They are universal, without all superfluous and almost all the options of shoes fit perfectly.

  • Lucien

    Excellent advice, took over the wardrobe, many interesting songs happened

  • Victoria

    Thanks for the great article, It helped me, coming soon to a school, and it seems to me,that I would have bought a bag in tone shoes, and most likely it would be black)

  • cephalotes

    Thanks for the detailed answer. Here in this form, with additions, personally, I prefer article. I am pleased to visit your site, but sometimes I miss just specificity. I think, that's not just me.))))))

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    Girls, not only look the pictures, but carefully read the comments, to better understand. Important not only color, but the figure.

      to cephalotes

    • on the last picture in the rise "shoes and bags just matched in tone to each other
    • a photo (8) Moschino Cheap & Chic. Brick color shoes matched to the checkered bag in tone, with this bag, in turn, combined with the dress in the picture and with a manicure by color. Combination with manicure is a good option for conservatives.

    • Oh and about the "dull combination of grey with black" is in the top four 2 Kit just in these colors…
    • Yes, This trendy combination for lovers of black and grey. But note: something else must be combined with a black bag and shoes. for example, costume (a photo 1), gloves, Hat (a photo 2), pants (a photo 3), scarf, takes, etc.. In general, If only gray suit and black bag-shoes-is old-fashioned, but add a scarf or gloves and will already look more modern.
      by the way, all black is fashionable, but subject to the, that there is at least something bright or brilliant, as pictured 1.

  • cephalotes

    on the last picture “in growth” shoes and bags just matched in tone to each other, not under clothing – and that – is it bad? But on the penultimate Orange handbag in my themes “not in the topic” – She even under lipstick color is not suitable. And here is the first 2 options – very stylish and fit the description of the article. Oh and about the “dull combination of grey with black” – the top four 2 Kit just in those colors if available black purses and black shoes…

  • Zhana

    Excellent article and a great selection of photographic material

  • natalja

    sumki moja slabost.ponravilis.moj elegantnost stil.

  • Tatyana

    Very useful tip)just decided to change a bit of wardrobe)

  • Rita

    Bought a bag. She liked me, the force was kept. Homes found, that it is not suitable to the shoe. After reading this article became a try with different clothes, different shoes. Spent the whole day, but found some totally potrjasnyh keyboard … Alone like me. Thank you!!!!!

  • Natalia

    Will be completely sorting through wardrobe! Thanks for the tips, This is easier!!!

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