August 22, 2019

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Jewelry: bracelets, earrings …

Fashion jewellery

“Чем крупнее, тем моднее!” -follow this advice throughout the, as for the decorations, and the most fashionable this year.

Bracelets at the same time fashionable to wear the clock, some of the pieces simultaneously:
Браслеты: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel , Hermes
Fashion jewellery. Bracelets: (1) Marc by Marc Jacobs, (2) Sonia Rykiel, (3) Hermes

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Like wearing a necklace, but you do not know which is best to choose? Enjoy accessorizing multiple and add a couple of major chains:

Украшения Lanvin
Fashion jewelry Lanvin: (3) large necklace and chain, (4) shoes, (5) Bracelet

Earrings also choose large, (a) denim jeans decorate with beautiful belt buckle:
Украшения: Marni, Ralph Lauren
Fashion jewellery: (6) earrings and glasses Marni, (7) Ralph Lauren buckle

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Like to wear large fine jewelry from metal? You have excellent taste and flair for fashion is the fashion season!

Gold jewelry

Fashion jewellery

Украшения: Kara Ross, Janis by Janis Savitt, Eddie Borgo, Faraone Mennella by R.F.M.A.S.
Fashion jewellery: (8) Kara Ross's chain, (9) Janis by Janis Savitt necklace, (10) Bracelet of gold and black crystals Eddie Borgo, (11) Leather Bracelet with gold Faraone Mennella by r. f. m. a. S.

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  • Zhana

    I always liked the big jewelry……only on other. I am a woman of fragile physique and think, that when me too much, It looks hard. Although never too late to try something new, the more fashionable and more

    • Madam

      Try?))))Better not try)))

  • tytirka

    MDA too((((on this I am not able to!!!

  • Olga

    I think not bad! Very nicely! Especially from gold!

  • Nur

    Да. It was my time to. I adore big bracelets.

  • Tatyana

    Difficult to pick up a couple of watches-bracelet. But the idea I liked.

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