April 19, 2024

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Style and fashion

How to be stylish and fashionable at the same time? It turns out there is a little secret.
To diversify your style, looking through the pictures from the fashion show, and any impressions clothing, You must learn to find their stuff, catch the individual elements of the wardrobe and the smallest details.

шарф и очки Gucci, сумка Marni, шляпа и шарф Marc by Marc Jacobs

Scarf and glasses Gucci, Marni bag, Hat and scarf Marc by Marc Jacobs

Next, When buying, We must be able to mentally combine those things with existing. Do not submit, What else do I need to buy new Bagatelles to look stunning, and select to, that ALREADY HAVE, -just so you can assemble your own unique stylish collection.
for example, in this photo from left-coat, Cap, bag… -all looks dreadfully. Professional eye catches at once, the designer happily played with form, color and patterns, but for a normal life is not suitable:

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Мода и стиль. Diane von Furstenberg

Однако dress in itself good and universally (see. the photo on the right). Why? It will look good at a party, It can be put on an evening walk or date-from plain white or black trench coat. And this same dress perfect for daytime city walks, If you supplement it fashionable leather jacket.
Learn to look at photos from the fashion show that's right-it will be easier to choose clothes in stores and, When you open your closet, the head will not have thought “I again have nothing to wear”.



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  • Alexander

    Very creative tips, take a note)

  • Vladochka

    If it's otlel'nosti and not a lot of gloss ,What could my style))

  • Vladochka

    Super!Och simpotichno!)))

  • Sol

    Girls! Also you can try to build a stylish novelties your wardrobe with your hands (for example, for evening link forecast this season warm scarf-clamp :-)). Good luck!

  • Marina

    Thank you! For me is very important! I just pondered whether, How to combine your style and fashion. And so well written, that to me finally came, How to buy stuff. And then so much junk, and wear nothing!

  • Lilyanka

    vsyo super!!!vot toliko maloooooo!!!!

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