March 1, 2024

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What to wear fashionable women's jacket? Photo

Fashion jackets

Back in fashion jackets a variety of styles and colors. How to wear fashionable jacket and her combine?

Any fashionable jacket goes well with jeans. But thou shalt not always walk in jeans? Therefore,, first, than buying a jacket, decided with his style. What will your jacket style? Romantic, Biker, daily?

Women's fashion jackets

Women's fashion jackets

Biker jackets with rivets and locks – at the height of fashion! This jacket is well combined with fashionable grunge style:

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Модные куртки из коллекции Balmain
Fashion jackets 1-3 from the collection Balmain

However, This year's fashionable jacket with studs can be worn with anything: evening dress, Shiny Pants, short skirt.
Модные куртки из коллекции Burberry Prorsum
Fashion jackets 4-6 from Burberry Prorsum collection

Jacket-classic windbreaker jacket and fashionable to wear with easy short dress: Модные куртки из коллекции Christian Dior
Fashion jackets 7-9 from the collection of Christian Dior

Simple jacket jacket wear with the fashionable narrow trousers:
Модные куртки. На фото: две куртки Hermes, Christian Siriano
Fashion jackets 10-11. On the photo: two jackets Hermes, Christian Siriano

Skirt, the spacious trousers or podpojasannoe dress will look good with a short jacket to belt, to better highlight the thin waist.
Модные короткие куртки
Fashion jackets 12-14 Burberry Prorsum collection, Paul & Joe

Jacket with belt at the hips with a magnificent match skirt or trousers, to make the x-shaped silhouette:
Модные куртки. На фото: Gucci, John Galliano
Fashion jackets. On the photo: (15) Gucci, (16, 17) John Galliano

Uni jacket simple without clutter fashionable wear with colourful dress and high-heeled shoes, – looks very romantic and seductive:
Модная куртка с платьем
Fashionable look with a dress

By choosing trendy jacket, pay attention to the features of shape and length jackets. Note, NCDS jackets focuses on this site your shape.

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What are the same fashion jackets the best?



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  • Light

    Jacket with the dress looks feminine, I like.

  • Maria

    Models of Hermes and Christian Siriano look mannishly. For the most part are to blame makeup and hats – What are angular. When the jackets are quite cute and feminine.

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