July 4, 2022

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Women's bags: 7 the most convenient and beautiful bags, that doesn't go out of fashion

Leather handbags

What bag to buy in the new season? So hard to choose the best - fashion handbags hit variety! In addition, Your style should approach to the new bag. Or bag for your style? It's hard to say, because a good handbag like best friend - her you always take with you, and even delishsya her their secrets. Да, handbag is always up to date on all your secrets! Can be, Therefore, women may not be indifferent to the purse and so carefully choice.

So, with some bag start to conquer the world?
Introducing Seven of the most beautiful, convenient and always topical:

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7. Backpack from Michael Kors

In seventh place the backpack from Michael Kors - convenient, roomy and such stylish!
By the way, Today the backpack must be in the wardrobe of any woman, regardless of age. the main thing, correctly pick it up in style. for example, order, 40 50, the backpack is better combined with sporty style. And here's a 15-year-old backpack, it is appropriate to wear with anything, even with lace dress.

Bag-backpack from Michael Kors

Bag-backpack from Michael Kors

6. Red bag from a collection of Longchamp

This bag looks spectacular with a red lip makeup. Ideal to neutral color clothes.

Longchamp Bag

Longchamp Bag

5. “Crocodile” bag from Brahmin

Difficult to choose only one from the new collection bag Pecan Melbourne, which is entirely made of Australian crocodile skin - they are all beautiful:

Brahmin Handbags, collection of Pecan Melbourne

Brahmin Handbags, collection of Pecan Melbourne

4. Handbag Dolce&Gabbana, covered with flowers

This Petite handbag is suitable to the summer floral dress, as well as perfectly will look with white jeans or small red dress. Flowers bags – new trend, that has become fashionable for a long time.

Fashionable Dolce&Gabbana

Fashionable Dolce&Gabbana

3. Coach Women's Bag

Single color. Stylish. universal.

Bag from Coach Collection

Leather handbag from Coach collection

2. miniature handbag “The Belt Bag” by Burberry on a chain

This handbag - the ideal solution for all, who likes to be the center of attention. Wear short coats, lace or silk dress.

The handbag Belt Bag from Burberry

The handbag Belt Bag from Burberry

1. Fashionable Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

It is universal, fits all and any attire makes expensive – that is why this fashionable deserved first place. With it you can wear even the cheapest cotton dress, but still make you look gorgeously!

Ralph Lauren Tote Bag (made in Italy)

Ralph Lauren Tote Bag

What you liked most about handbag?



reviews: 8

  • Katya

    I have been looking for a bag for a long time and there is a lot of information on each site and I could not decide in any way.

  • Ekaterina

    I respect the form of bags, which always remain fashionable, regardless of trends. Однако. You always want something, that will allocate you out of the crowd. Here I took a bag of feathers. The black color makes it versatile, and the design draws attention. Cool evening bag, which will be a bright bow detail!

  • Svetlana

    As a true lady in my sumok-….28.among them №1 and № 5…

  • Alyona

    I would chose a handbag, like their clothes. I needed this, to get it and to serve faithfully. I had such a handbag, you bought on sale. Then doggy my pogryzla its. Now again want))).

  • Anna M.

    Ok, What backpacks have become everyday. With them it is convenient. From bags chose a Brown crocodile leather. Crocodiles sorry, but bag stunning.

  • Marina

    The best bag – Ralph Lauren! Incredibly beautiful and glorious. For such money is not sorry

  • Olga

    Cool bags, but I do not buy from such small income.

    • Stephanie

      Don't worry. If you have a flair, that is called, you can pick up something similar from the fakes and small firms. Now this much. It is important to carefully and meticulously examine when purchasing your bag !

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