July 16, 2024

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fashionably! Повязки на голову


Different headband, платки, scarves and bows – this is the most fashionable chic this year.

Платки на голову: Marni, Hussein Chalayan, Hermes
Scarves on your head: Marni, Hussein Chalayan, Hermes

The easiest way to decorate updo bandage – take it easy a handkerchief or scarf and tie a nice little bundle, like in these pics:

How to tie a beautiful scarf

How to tie a beautiful scarf on your head

Wear them with any hairstyle, with long and short haircuts. Wear headbands like over hairstyles, and hair. As the bandage is not only a handkerchief or scarf, but the most common satin ribbon.

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Повязки на голову: Bottega Veneta, Luisa Beccaria, Bottega Veneta
Повязки на голову: Bottega Veneta, Luisa Beccaria, Bottega Veneta

In fashion colorful shawls with floral prints or intricate patterns.

Colorful headband

Colorful headband

They are universal, suitable for clothing of different style and look everywhere appropriate. You can pick up a strong monochromatic for so-called pm, and you can – playful and bright for a romantic date or outing with friends. By color to pick up bandage dress, a coat or shoes.

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Бант Marc by Marc Jacobs, бордовая и белая повязки Hermes
Повязки на голову: bow Marc by Marc Jacobs, Maroon and white headbands Hermes



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  • Ekaterina

    By the way, bows are good not only as hair accessories, but also as a brilliant item for stamp. for example – a senior in the 90s with a luxurious bow. just nuts, I think! With ragged mom-jeans just right.

  • Anvirta

    Bandages will make competition bows. Stylists offer decorating their hairstyles-especially the spit and tails-tie literally for the whole head or, Vice versa, use the modest Barrettes with mini bows.

  • Galina

    And we have in the dressing is prinidlezhnost' to a certain religion and though you tresni!

  • Oksana

    where knitted hats, We are talking about the bandages on his head! I, for example, very pleased with, that dressing in Grand fashion, me they really gain, because the caps I don't go.

  • Saule

    I really do not like hats knitted,prefer hats or kepy,they look otlichnoo

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