December 4, 2021

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How to Pack a Beach Bag? Top list of things

How to Pack a Beach Bag

On vacation! To the sea! Tickets purchased, Hotels booked, but still have to finish the job, make a bunch of affairs at home, go to the beauty salon, to do pedicure and manicure… And things are not collected!!! Ok, if you are unpretentious and go somewhere to Thailand, where everything is bought locally and cheaply, and a list of, what bring in Thailand so small, that you can not even collect a suitcase. But if you want to look at all 100%, about to go first time in Sochi, It's best to come in advance. Share your experience and a list of needed items.

What to take to the sea?

Do not slaughter a suitcase a bunch of unnecessary things, take only the most necessary. After all, on vacation you will want to buy something. for example, a wide variety of pareo, Beach bags, towels, tunics, hats, Sandals, light dresses and the more you will find always an abundance of decorations at Resorts. Expensive handbag in the hands is bait for thieves. Instead of purses better take with you Dear man, and valuables, like Combs, trust him. Relax, relax and have fun!

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На фото: Luca Luca, Chanel, Jenni Kayne, Diane von Furstenberg
How to Pack a Beach Bag. These things you come in handy day: dress and hat Luca Luca, swimsuit and Chanel shirt, dress and sunglasses Jenni Kayne, shorts and shirt Diane von Furstenberg

For a complete list of, What to take to the sea:

1. Swimsuit.
2. Two dresses: Beach and evening. Choose monochromatic dresses, for example, little white dress. Then new accessories, that you buy at the resort, perfectly suited to dress.
3. Good sunglasses, not only beautiful looked, but reliably protected the eyes from the strong sun.
4. Shorts.
5. Skirt.
6. A couple of favorite t-shirts.
7. Fancy shirt, which you can optionally throw charred shoulders, as well as to wear with a skirt or shorts.
8. Comfortable shoes for long trips.
9. Favorite comfortable sandals, that suit and evening dress, and city walks.
10. Light pants.
11. Jacket for chilly evenings. Comes in handy, If you go to have a rest, for example, in Egypt in the winter.
12. Headpiece.

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The most desired in the list in bold, the rest of the – on request, t.. purchased on arrival. I think, no need to remind, that all things should easily be combined with each other by color and style.

Что взять на море. На фото: платье Nina Ricci, брюки и жакет Jenni Kayne, платье Luca Luca, юбка и жакет Luca Luca
What to bring for PM. On the photo: Nina Ricci dress, pants Jenni Kayne, dress Luca Luca, skirt and jacket Luca Luca

by the way, If no holiday celebrations and pompous banquets are expected, evening dress, studs, diamonds and a ton of make-up leave home, not to look ridiculous on a normal dinner in hotel. From the build-up of long nails, too, it is better to refuse (somehow the sea nails break down more often than usual), and the most practical and stylish manicure on vacation – Classic or color French manicure.
It is important to: do not take with you those things, who stayed in the closet for more than a year “for a special occasion”, -they are not exactly useful.

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What else to take to the sea?
Don't forget the most important things in a trip:
– money and cards;
– tickets or ticket;
– reliable travel insurance, that is not only suitable for obtaining a visa, but really helps, If something happens, – to choose a reliable, read here;
– Passport, documents;
– first aid kit;
– proven sunscreen;
– soothing after Sun cream, that suits and from burns;
– documents and their copies (just in case);
– phone (advance check balance) and charging for phone;
– remedy for mosquitoes;
– Manicure scissors, nail file;
– camera.

Can something missed?

P. S. That's just me not had a chance to relax in the resorts of Crimea, I do not know whether it is possible to buy something on the spot. Who knows, share your experience.



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  • Irina

    Necessarily need to more razor vzt (if someone does not do hair removal)!!!

  • Анна

    Food tomorrow in Sevastopol for a month. I was never that, the last time in the Crimea was 8 years ago, I do not know how it prices. What to take? whether it is possible to buy cosmetics there, so it does not drag?
    Thank you in advance)

    • I know!

      Expensive, the prices are not high ,and even lower))

  • Anna

    Do you think for Alushta 3500grn. enough for two?

  • Kristina.

    I 3 s go to Yalta and I like it very much! And this year, too, go and be sure to take wet wipes and sticking plaster – these are the most essential elements of the rest (except apparel and accessories ).

  • Annie

    What to bring to Turkey? We will be in Antalya. What is the! Are there any hotels in Turkey in the tooth. brushes, gels, etc.? Can I buy something necessary for the place? Whether it will be expensive, if you go without a thing, and there to buy swimwear, sundress etc.? If it's all in the resorts of Turkey?

  • ZZ

    In Anapa, as in any other resort town, There are all, from sneakers to coats. Or, as already advised, hour by bus (benefit them there are many walks) to Novorossiysk. And all the town, though provincial, but cute and cuddly

  • Lena

    though people tell me that it is worth buying in Anapa and what not????

  • Lyudmila

    And I'm going for the first time in Anapa! I want to be ready for anything))) I want to learn more in detail about the features of rest in this city! Thank you in advance!!!

  • and vot))

    The resorts of Crimea is better to bring with you:
    1. medicines:
    1) laxative
    2) Analgesic
    3) Leykoplastыr

    2. Soap-rylnye:
    1) Zub.pasta
    2) Tooth. brushes
    3) Shampoo
    4) Shower Gel
    5) soap

    3. clothes:
    if it will be cold, and there is cold, it is better to take:
    sandals, can jacket, pants or jeans..
    if the heat, the women swimwear, Men's swimming shorts, hat, shorts, pair..

    4. accessories:
    all sorts of trinkets..

    5. Cosmetics:
    shadow, ink (better waterproof), cream (for, from, after Sun), lipstick…

    6. for the evening:
    women – dresses, men – pants, shirt with short sleeves…

    7. Comfortable shoes required!!!! you are there in any go somewhere on tour…

    Well that's all..
    I'll always take.. (I am a man)

  • Veronica

    towels, thermos, caps, wet wipes, fan, plastic cups, etc.

  • Elena

    And we have a few years we go to Crimea. There is also great and inexpensive, much cheaper, than Russian resorts. And there is great shopping and weather!!!!!!!

  • Jana

    Wow poor!.. In Yalta, Gelendzhik, Sochi – it is very expensive, Turkey and Thailand – much cheaper, if you go to rest at sea. With a need to take only a first aid kit, insure. And if go from Moscow to Thailand via Singapore, the shopping in Singapore – this miracle! A lot of high-quality branded things 2-3 times cheaper than Moscow prices, whole vacation just pays off.
    In Thailand, a lot of any sundresses, šlepok, swimwear, everything is very cheap. I advise you to look at in Bangkok Khaosan Road – ordinary clothes, both in the EU, but many and very cheap, have larger dimensions – the most it to the sea.

  • Yulechka

    Yalta taxis))

  • Irina

    we are poor, we're going to Yalta.

  • Oksana

    Girls, Thank you! Значит, I take only the minimum, shopitsya love on vacation :)). About Novorossiysk did not even think, sure's go.

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    Tatyana, Thanks for the reminder about the first aid kit and a hat. It is necessary! Made the list.

  • Tatyana

    good article! But still need to add some headgear (Hat,cap,scarves) Buy it possible everywhere,but at the end of June-July, the height of the,heat! And it is very dangerous to walk without a hat,can be sunstroke (check for yourself that year in Sochi,Symptoms spinning and headache,nausea and temperature can be) Maybe a little off topic,but if you eat outside (Turkey,Egypt and TD) even a first aid kit with all the necessary, t.. where expensive drugs (aspirin 3 Euro) in us 3 ruble!
    Oksana at the Black Sea coast, around the tent with caps, swimsuit, sarafanchik etc. I'll buy it,such clothing is cheaper than me (Tyumen)

  • Marina

    Oksana, I was last summer in Gelendzhik… You are well done, You choose the right place for your holiday!:) concerning “pareo, flip flops, hats” Of course you can buy… They live the same people there:))) but if you are especially demanding of all these things, Roll into the hero-city of Novorossiysk. 40 minute drive away and a great bunch of stores, no worse than in Moscow and Krasnodar:)

  • Oksana

    I am going to Gelendzhik Sea, We go first. I'd love to know, there you can buy? Is there some kind of beautiful sundresses, beach capes, flip flops or it's all to take with?

  • Luba

    Cool! nothing to add. Really everything you need. The rest is too dokupaju on site. So nice to get home and then new things out of the suitcase 🙂 Always bring sea tunics, hat and a bunch of bracelets. Thank you!

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