July 16, 2024

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White is a fashion hit of the year! Photo

White color, Ralph Lauren

White has long been a leader in fashion. Chic White clothes was popular during winter, and the warmer will be on the street, the more in your wardrobe, you should see things white. If you have no white stuff, start with a generic little white dresses, who will rescue you, when absolutely nothing to wear. After all, dress in white from head to toe this year is considered particularly chic. Stella McCartney offers with white clothes to wear a white bag and even white frame glasses.
Одежда белого цвета из коллекций Bottega Veneta, Gianfranco Ferre, Stella McCartney
White clothes from the collections (1) Bottega Veneta, (2) Gianfranco Ferre, (3) Stella McCartney

Thanks to its white colour, every woman looks younger and fresher. Perhaps, for this reason, the white clothes – a must have for those, 40 … by the way, contrary to stereotypes, White clothes visually makes easier full girls, – you only have to choose the correct clothes for full figure.

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Белый цвет в моде! Модные коллекции: Chado Ralph Rucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors
White color in fashion! Модные коллекции: (4) Chado Ralph Rucci, (5) Dolce & Gabbana, (6) Michael Kors

Модная одежда белого цвета из коллекций Celine, Cynthia Steffe, Ralph Lauren
Fashionable clothes white from the collections (7) Celine, (8) Cynthia Steffe, (9) Ralph Lauren

White easily combine any other colors. Razbav' white look colorful accessories or clothing of bright colors, — get another fashion trend.

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Одежда белого цвета из модных коллекций Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Akris
White clothes of fashion collections (10) Tommy Hilfiger, (11) Michael Kors, (12) Akris

Popular not only white clothes, but accessories:
Модные белые аксессуары: модный look Blumarine, сумка Alexander Wang, часы Balenciaga, сабо Dolce & Gabbana, сумка Emporio Armani,
Trendy white accessories: trendy look Blumarine, Alexander Wang bag, Watch Balenciaga, SABO Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani bag

And even white color many is synonymous with relaxation. Perhaps, why so popular white dresses. Can arrange a vacation on their own? Sea, The sun… Or at least arrange bedroom white?



reviews: 10

  • Наталья

    12 Ensemble ,- horror as harmoniously!

  • Olga

    Also love the white stuff, they look like something particularly smartly, the truth is not always practical. Bought a winter white boots – now I think, is it better to take out accessories? Can be, light bag? Or any Cap original pick?

  • Jamila

    Impractical colour. Where it can be worn – on vacation, but not everywhere should be richly live somewhere in Monte-Carlo, so the white stuff to wear…

  • polar cod

    White looks chic and very refreshing, my opinion in every woman's wardrobe should be a little white dress, than black

  • Marina

    White gorgeous all year round! And even better – cream, and pastel tones. Ladies in light clothes very attracted the attention of men… and not only, but women with a sense of style. In her wardrobe should have necessarily lighter clothes, regardless of age.

  • Maria

    Cute. I adore the color white, especially tight stuff.

  • Annie

    Liked trendy onion 11 Michael Kors – feminine, gracefully, beautiful and wear such fancy clothes comfortably.

  • Jel'zochka)

    I like the color solution AKris 12. a good combination of white and dirty-Green. still love the jackets and white jackets.) 2 the room also liked)

  • Oksana

    When another, as summer, wearing white stuff. That's what I'm doing.

  • Marina

    You can see smell designers, that summer will be hot

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