March 19, 2018

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6 summer clothes combinations to create a delightful image

Летние сочетания в одежде

These color palettes to help you find the best combination of colors in clothes for summer.
Girls, be inspired!

1. Mint and Chocolate
Ash-pink lipstick and white things perfectly complement the main Mint-Chocolate color.

Мята и шоколад

Mint and chocolate

2. White top, Pink-NIH
The image will be more effective, If the white top choose not to plain t-shirt or shirt, a silk blouse elegant style.

Розовый с белым

Pink with white

3. Blue Hydrangea and Kiss
Clothing in blue looks ravishing in summer, but you need a bright accent. for example, handbag colors passionate kiss.

Оттенки голубого с красным

Shades of blue with a red

4. The Earth and sand
On tanned skin looks perfectly all sand shades. Pale pink accentuate lips, a scarf in hair color finishes, earthy image.

Песок и вино

Sand and Earth

5. A riot of colors
Bright combination will look fine on the beach or in beach resort. Don't miss!

Пляжные сочетания

Beach mix

6. In shades of roses
Colorful dresses are up to date every summer, and dress with roses – This is the epitome of femininity! Complement the pink tablets and flesh-colored shoes, to legs look slimmer.

В оттенках розы

In shades of roses

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reviews: 2

  • Vera

    2 option like and classic, but everything is so wonderful is picked up. Not only by color, but fason blouses successful. the image turned out to be feminine and tender and seductive. Liked it.

  • Lola

    Mint and Chocolate go well. Now pick up the top to Brown skirts. I think, better take a silk or lace …

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