August 22, 2019

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10 signs of the glamorous girl

Kate Moss, liu jo

Not only fashion, over time, changing the style and concept of stylish man. However, even the notion of “stylish girl” now changed. Now it is fashionable to speak “glamour girl”, fashionable to wear glamorous things and glamorous to behave. And yes men zapadajut more on glamorous… What has changed?

Гламурные девушки

10 signs of the glamorous girl

1. She seduces, captivates, fascinates and leaves an indelible mark in memory. BUT! Glamour girl above the scandals and not allowing itself to be expressed roughly. When she leaves the House, dvorovaya shpana even stops talking obscenities.

2. Glamour girl always watching fashion trends, but buy only what, that fits on a shape, as well as existing things.

3. More recently, all the girls together hated pink. Today from the glamorous girl clothes definitely have things in shades of pink (from Royal rose to coral), and she knows exactly, What shade of pink she is suitable. Glamour girl easily distinguish “ashes of roses” from salmon. Until all are Fuchsia, it excellent replaces it no less fashionable shade of pink, to be special and stand out from the crowd.

In shades of pink

In shades of pink

by the way, glamour girl recently successfully implemented in your wardrobe stuff color nude – the same is so stylish and allows you to last year's things look new-fangled.

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4. Да, glamour girl does not change completely wardrobe every season. I must say, and let a few people know, that she lives often at one small salary, tsssss… But she knows how to present old favorite things in a new light and has impeccable sense of style.

5. It used to be, What a stylish girl should behave arrogantly and walk the streets, fix mysterious gaze into the distance, not noticing even the oncoming friends. Modern glamour girl always gracious, well-regulated and owns the art of inner smile. When meeting friends it is always the first signs of welcome, Perhaps, It therefore everywhere are happy.

In conversations or comments she never speaks ill of others, It doesn't occur to seem clever at the expense of others, pointing out mistakes and trying to prove, that they're wrong (even if it is) is it all don't need it, because she knows, that everyone is different and everyone has the right to be wrong. It has always respected other people's opinions, even if she did not agree with him. But she is able to express its views so delicately, that does not offend anyone, and never “navigates to the personality”.

Beautiful girl supports not only friends, But even strangers, for example, in social networks. Why not put “lyke” good photo, unknown girl? Or not to say “Thank you, I think so too” in response to someone else's comment? She is not afraid to support the human Word, who are attacking, and knows how to defuse a tense situation joke is successful. She commits such small good deeds every day. It is simply!

6. Glamour girl travels a lot, -It allows it to develop myself, make new interesting friends and save money on clothing.

A girl in Paris

A girl in Paris

Let everyone think, She had a bunch of money, and actually, She just knows how to travel independently, without travel agents, and knows, where to buy a dress for 20 USD, in which she will look like a million.

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7. U glamorous girl there are no problems. Not that, to them don't really happen, but she knows how to treat them with ease and solve them, without falling into a tantrum.

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8. Everyone thinks, that must be the glamour girl model, tv presenter, but in a pinch – English Lord's wife. Однако, today glamour girls are found even among the blogerstvujushhih housewives, that can ensure a glamorous life even without a millionaire husband, -they have enough of their own brains.

9. Glamour girl prefers to live in the stylish interior, constantly surprising their friends, – It is able to pick up things and colours.

Things pink color in the Interior - This stylish!

Things pink color in the Interior – This stylish!

10. Modern glamour girl knows about their own failings, but he can give them to Associates as a newfangled trend. In the end,, its shortcomings are becoming objects of admiration and emulation. Remember at least big mouth of Julia Roberts, curvy shape Marilyn Monroe or angularity Twiggy. They are all style and beauty standards!

What else distinguishes the glamorous girl from all other? What celebrities can be called glamorous?



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  • Manjsha

    Very inspiring! Thank you!

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    all och och beautifully!

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    Oh…….I turns out to be too glamorous)))))))) not thought to be)))

  • Marina

    Well done!

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    Inspiring a wonderful selection of! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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    Perfectly ❤ ️ ️ ❤

  • Oksana

    Natasha Vodianova this Russian beauty! Can she not so beautiful externally, but all other quality it redeem.

    • Xabi

      You have spoken correctly.

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    Oh no,This characteristic is not the glamorous girl….To be so should be above average IQ,No offense…)

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      and the glamorous girl, He – below? Excuse me)

  • Alexander

    Interesting ideas to select style, something you can take note of. Thanks to the clever combinations of colors in clothing, You can compose stunning autumn images.

  • Alexander

    Article written in refined style. Only I thought, that these qualities do not belong to the glamorous girl. Me why it seemed, that glamorous – It's not quite clever, spoiled girl, gonjajushhaja boutique. Opinion changed completely.

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