December 8, 2023

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Hats and caps: fashionable hats, hats, платки

Hats from BCBGeneration collection

Today let's talk about headdresses.
It makes no sense to recall the need for caps in the locker room. But if in winter, we wear a cap on request, then in the warmer seasons – for beauty. by the way, in summer, it is useful to wear a head covering, to protect hair from the Sun under the heading.

This year the popular knitted hats, Silk shawls and scarves on your head, berets.

Модные головные уборы: (1) шапка Charlotte Ronson, (2) платок Emilio Pucci, (3) берет Nicholas K
On the photo: fashion hats: (1) Cap Charlotte Ronson, (2) Emilio Pucci scarf, (3) takes Nicholas K

The most fashionable headgear this year – Hat. the main thing, pick up the hat to face, hair, clothing.

Versatile Hat Fedor fits any type face. This year such a hat is worn with the skirt, dress, jeans, coats, leather jacket.

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Модные шляпы из коллекции Dsquared2
On the photo: fashion hats from the collection (4), (5), (6) Dsquared2

Модные шляпы из коллекции Dsquared2
Fashion hats from the collection (7), (8), (9) Dsquared2

Beach hats with a wide brim fit slim directed person. If a person round, Choose a high-crowned Hat. This hat will give the image of romance and femininity. Wear a wide-brimmed hat with a dress or a light semi-transparent blouse. Sunglasses – the compulsory supplement to a wide-brimmed hat.

Широкополые шляпы из коллекций Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti, Badgley Mischka
On the photo: wide-brimmed hats from the collections (10) Carolina Herrera, (11) Alberta Ferretti, (12) Badgley Are

In a fashion increasingly include eco-style: things rough mating, natural colors, crumpled fabric, natural materials. Suppose, hats and panamas eco-style this year dare to wear only the most daring, but very soon without such caps would be impossible to imagine the modern girl's wardrobe. by the way, These hats combine well with fashionable grunge style.

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Модные шляпы из коллекций Michael Kors, Steven Alan
Fashion hats: hats from the collections (13) Michael Kors, (14) Steven Alan

At the peak of popularity “Asian” hats and Safari style:

Шляпы из модных коллекций Rochas, Sonia Rykie, L'Wren Scott
On the photo: hats of fashion collections (15) Rochas, (16) Sonia Rykie, (17) L'Wren Scott

Hats with short brimmed approached oval right person. Some models of these hats look good with a sharp Chin. If a person is too thin, then do more lush trendy hairstyle, as suggested by Marc Jacobs:

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Модные шляпы из коллекций Marc by Marc Jacobs, J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger
Fashion hats: hats from the collections (18) Marc by Marc Jacobs, (19) J. Crew, (20) Tommy Hilfiger

Don't you want to be like everyone else? Short trendy Hat original designs or create your own unique way of wearing hats.

Модные шляпы из коллекций Moschino, Steven Alan, Hermes
On the photo: fashion hats from the collections (21) Moschino, (22) Steven Alan, (23) Hermes Boater Hat

Can't decide, What is the CAP or Hat suits you best? Choose the photo above girls with face, form similar to yours – so you can understand, What is the Hat suits your face type.



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  • Jamila

    A hat with a wide brim – real torture in a windy location,, constantly blows. Only in the movies is a beautifully 🙂

  • Tatyana

    I go romantic with wide-brimmed hats, so in my wardrobe they have. Hat type of women men I do not like. Men they are men. Women they do not paint. It's my opinion.

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