May 24, 2024

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Base autumn wardrobe

Base autumn wardrobe

With each new season we wonder: “What to wear?”. A closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear again - this paradox! We buy fancy new things, but the situation is not changing, our style is not getting better, and all the while feeling, something missing: whether the color is not the, whether the silhouette… A familiar situation? This means, What's in the wardrobe is not the most necessary things, which form the basis Basic wardrobe. Such things, that is always in fashion and all perfectly compatible. A basic set of things you can pick up for work or for every day. Today Let's casual basic wardrobe for fall.

Base autumn wardrobe should contain only 13 things!

Basic things you can wear wardrobe every season, updating as wear. Any fashionable novelty always perfectly integrated in such wardrobe and looked delightfully! That is why you can not spend a lot of money, but always look stylish.

Look at the example, How correctly to make the base autumn wardrobe, What are the things it includes, and how to combine them.

What is included in the base autumn wardrobe

Regardless of age and preferences, list of basic autumn wardrobe includes 13 things. All of them should be cut and classic neutral colors. Not to look “as all”, You can choose your neutral dark and light shades (for example, Black replacing dark blue, and beige - light gray) Depending on the color type appearance.

Different variations of the basic things for fall

Different variations of the basic things for fall

Basic wardrobe for fall 2024, list of things:

  1. Jacket.
  2. Easy coat overcoat or trench.
  3. Straight skirt.
  4. Blue jeans.
  5. Classic trousers or jeans neutral dark colored.
  6. White t-shirt.
  7. Shirt of the same color, that and pants 5.
  8. Striped t-shirt.
  9. Jacket or Cardigan or jacket, dark or light color.
  10. Pullover or sweater.
  11. Ankle boots or shoes.
  12. Comfortable snikersy.
  13. Casual shoes (ballet shoes, loafers or pumps, with or without heel – as like).
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Things you must select wardrobe basic to your taste and taking into account the characteristics of the shape: don't like the trench – take a light coat, jeans replace on pants, pullover – the Turtleneck. But this does not change the base!

Basic stuff from autumn wardrobe: easy coat, sweater, pants, ankle boots

Basic stuff from autumn wardrobe: easy coat, sweater, pants, ankle boots

Note, what, for example, white shirt for basic autumn wardrobe is a supplement, Although the base business wardrobe is the main thing.

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Многие считают, that all things basic wardrobe must be expensive, but it is not so. It is important to, so things were neatly stitched. Perhaps, the only expensive thing on this list will be trench, because a good cloak cannot be cheap even on sale. It should ideally sit on the shape and does not bristle at the hips – This is only possible, If the cloak is sewn from quality fabrics.

However, There are usually: the older woman, the more expensive must be things.
This is due to the fact, that figure varies with age and increasingly requires adjustment. Modern expensive stuff from cheap differ mostly only quality fabric – they keep good form and hide shortcomings. for example, expensive jeans – This is not only a popular brand and fashionable silhouette, they are made from high quality denim, that corrects the hips and tightens the CPSP, “rear view” changing for the better. Однако, a woman with a good figure do not even notice. Therefore it is better to rephrase rule:

The farther from ideal figure, the more expensive must be things.

Order more, Now you can see more women 50+ with trim slim shape, which looks great inexpensive clothing.

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Here is what the autumn it is possible to make kits:

1, 2
with a white t-shirt

Basic set for fall

Basic ideas for fall

3, 4
with an
You can replace the Cardigan jacket or sweater – Choose the, that's more like it.

Base autumn wardrobe: prepare basic kits

Base autumn wardrobe: prepare basic kits

5, 6
with t-shirt

Basic fall kits

Basic fall kits

7, 8

Basic set for fall

Basic kits for autumn

9, 10

Base autumn wardrobe: prepare basic kits

Basic wardrobe for fall: prepare basic kits

10 kits – that's not all! Anyone who has followed, He noticed another… how much do kits?

Mike, jeans, Cardigan from a basic wardrobe

Mike, jeans, Cardigan from a basic wardrobe

See, what else wear with jeans autumn, to look spectacular.

Than complement basic wardrobe for fall

Basic wardrobe – This is just a framework. To not look simply stylish, and fashionable and modern in the year, It is necessary to complement each season autumn several basic wardrobe with fashionable things.

Autumn stylish look

See ready autumn images

Add-ons can be: bag, shawl, scarf, blouse, skirt and all, What to enjoy. Only now it is necessary to take into account and the combination of colors – This link has a comfortable table for picking colors in clothing.



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  • Catherine

    This year has decided to yourself to overcome and do not buy things, which then hang and to combine them with nothing. collecting base, and then it will be diluted.
    it sounds like: Meria thing and pretend to be what it will be combined from existing things in the locker room. Need to, that there is at least 3 options. If less, the thing is in store:)

  • sasha

    very interesting, look at this list, you exactly what will be supplemented

  • Lena

    A great basic wardrobe picked up today

  • Daria, a stylist co-ordinates

    Finally someone competent advice on basic wardrobe!
    Now almost all confused basic wardrobe and capsules. Because of this terrible mess. Customers come in and don't understand, why they fail, because they read somewhere, the base may vary and include bright things. Imagine bright things in base?! The very notion of a basic wardrobe is broken. Now in the Internet which only nonsense do not write, then difficult to retrain people, here go beautiful women, but the disfigured “scary roses”. Some have confused fashion trends and basic wardrobe… All correctly: Basic wardrobe should be neutral, This is the same BASE (Foundation) for everything else.

    Just looked for at the request of the client, What to read on the Internet on the subject of style. I'm shocked, What's not normal resources. Ok, I found your site. A lot of useful information, which could not find anywhere else. Looked and other articles, as a professional stylist with experience, I can safely recommend this resource to the clients. Take to your bookmarks.

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