April 19, 2024

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Women's blouse and with what to wear it

Womens Blouse

Modern fashion is contrasting: minimalism and incredibly sophisticated sophisticated things. Nevertheless, we used to dress quite simply. In our wardrobe, more and more ordinary T-shirts and shirts, and less and less spectacular blouses and dresses. In vain! Blouse – this is a very feminine thing. She always looks smart, like a celebration. Let's see, what to wear a blouse with 2024 year.

1. Luxurious white blouse

White blouse

Complicated cut, aristocratic style. Such a blouse will look great with any clothing of a simple cut. However there is a small detail – brooch. When was the last time you decorated your clothes with a brooch? Meanwhile, here it is very appropriate.

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2. Lace blouse

Womens Blouse

Graceful lace emphasizes fragility. No need to overload the image with unnecessary large details and garments. The main emphasis in clothing should be the blouse itself, to emphasize the beauty of its owner.

3. Vanilla and ruffles

Women's ruffle blouse

Fashionable royal pink color every season allows us to create new options. A lightweight female frill blouse looks great. The strap emphasizes the waist and makes the upper part more magnificent. For women with small breasts, this is a good idea..

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4. Translucent blouse

Lace blouse

With such an elegant and slightly provocative blouse, you do not need to wear a miniskirt. Better choose a classic pencil skirt to the knee and lower, either pants. Even with ordinary jeans, the image will look very harmonious..

5. Red blouse

Bold fit with vibrant color – what can make the image more memorable?

Red women's blouse with a bow

The classic combination of red and black looks a little boring.. However, fashionable shorts hide this flaw well..

6. Chic blouse with a bow

Transparent blouse

A matte organza blouse is perfect for going to the theater. Elegant hairstyle, a plain bottom and a favorite clutch will complement the image of refined beauty.

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7. Women's polka dot blouse

Polka dot blouse

Casual option, but nevertheless smart. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of sometimes dressing up just like that. The best addition – bright handbag. However, in this case, it is better to choose a bag not the usual red color., and more fashionable - grape or saffron.

Would put on such blouses or too pretentious?

Photo: Victoria, @ victoria_fox0001



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  • A.L.

    I love beautiful blouses, but unfortunately, nowhere to wear them

  • Юля

    There should always be a place in life for a holiday. Blouses are incomparable!

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