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How to look fabulous after 40 years? 15 Secrets from Twiggy

Twiggy style

The Famous Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) claims, that look can beauty 40, and in 50 and even in 60 years. Another would be, because she has the most for 60! She sure, – fashion has no age. Not to be unfounded, She created her own collection of trendy clothes and even her presented. Don't believe? See for yourself:

Твигги и ее новая коллекция модной одежды
On the photo: Twiggy and her collection of fashion

Твигги представляет свою новую коллекцию одежды
On the photo: Twiggy and her new collection of fashionable clothes

15 style secrets from Twiggy:

“Fashion – It's a game. Dress stylishly and with pleasure!”

На фото: Твигги за работой

Neutral colors – It is fashionable!

1. Things neutral colors supplement tablets. Belts and scarves – then, what you need!

Нейтральные цвета в коллекции Твигги
On the photo: neutral colors in the collection Twiggy

2. Long Cardigan or shirt podpojasyvaj belt, to emphasize the waist and make the shape more feminine.

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3. To neutral colors didn't look bored, additional image light jacket with a soft tropical print

4. White jacket is perfect for the summer, a lightweight scarf in tone pants or skirt perfectly complements the white jacket.

Джинсы – clothing for all ages.
the main thing, pick up a pair of jeans on a shape.

Твигги предпочитает носить джинсы-скинни
Twiggy, prefers to wear jeans-skinny

С чем носить джинсы?
Several options, What to wear with jeans

What to wear with jeans?

5. For every day – with a long jacket, belted strap.

6. At work, where do not require a dress code, – with a dark jacket waist slightly atop monochromatic light shirts.

7. For output choose the brightest jeans from her wardrobe and wear them with comfortable knitted blouse neutral color.

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Jacket – irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of any woman

8. The more different jackets in your wardrobe, the better. But for special occasions you have must have at least one brilliant monophonic Blazer.

Жакет - вещь обязательная
Blazer – thing is mandatory

9. Of course, you already have a universal little black dress. Further his brilliant jacket, make it look more modern and festive.

10. A variety of prints is always in fashion. Silk slacks with print combined with a brilliant one – the magnificent ensemble, in which you will feel comfortable.

11. Casual image can look chic, If supplement regular jeans and a white t-shirt shiny jacket.

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Allow yourself to dress bright!

12. Who said, with age a woman should dress only in gray and black? Complete nonsense! Raznoobraz' wardrobe of bright things and live life to the fullest!

Одевайся ярко!
Dress bright!

13. If shy dress bright, Add to the image at least bright accessories: shawl, strap, shoes. And then you can go ahead and buy yourself a bright jeans.

14. It is always difficult to start to combine the colored things. Start with a simple, to get a bright image: the white pants to wear bright monochromatic blouse.

15. Do not renounce dresses. Dress with exotic floral print – the best choice for a hot summer day.

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  • Alina Tarasova

    It's really very cool! not everyone knows and knows how later in life choose clothes so that it was appropriate and stylish. for me, another shining example of such a combination of taste is Oksana Moroz

  • Наталья

    So look, It is necessary not only to be able to submit yourself, but eat right, drink plenty of water and give your body exercise.

  • Seraphim

    All of its images are formed on the basis of the Classic Style. No devachkovyh elements I haven't noticed. Everything suggests that the, that the adoption of his age and the corresponding style clothing – look at all the 100%.

  • Rufina

    Perfectly picked up all. Not primly and not krichashe, the most the. to me 52 year and I always believed that skinny jeans are already not for us, but here everything looks stylish. That anyone buy this style

  • Oksana

    Thank you for the opportunity to express your opinion.
    .. in General,, I did not like….
    to me 45 years, but the style I prefer more “harder”. Here everything is simple and available, that is very good for many women, especially over 60. And it is very good!

  • Emma

    Here is a woman! So cool all clothing picked up. Really, Why seren'koe represented? Twiggy looks great in bright clothes. And never would have thought, that strips can strojnit' and molodit'. It's cool!!!

  • Irina

    God!!! As I would like too be such!!!

  • Alina

    Twiggy – She is amazing! I can not believe, that it 62. Looks excellent. Adore her

    • Mila

      Twiggy – 66 years…

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