March 1, 2024

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Flash tattoo – temporary tattoos on the body and hair

Flash tattoo

Flash tattoo – disposable tattoo, who wear instead of or together with ornaments. They can mimic the bracelets or chains, all sorts of patterns, inscriptions, hieroglyphs. Usually they are made under a gold or silver. The main advantage is that the, that they are temporary and easily removed. In addition, are these cheap decorating, and look very impressive and stylish.

Flash tattoo, a photo

Flash tattoo, a photo

Skillfully causing such temporary tattoos on body, easily become a beauty on the beach, The Queen of the prom or new year's Party.

How to glue Flash tattoo

Flash tattoo – This is a normal sticker. To correctly paste tattoo, follow these rules:

  1. Wash with SOAP and water then place, where are going to glue the tattoo. Dry thoroughly.
  2. Prepare a bowl with warm water and towel.
  3. Cut the sticker as close as possible to a path.
  4. Gently peel off clear film from the picture.
  5. Attach the sticker to the face skin.
  6. Soak a towel in water and Pat the tattoo Flash several times on top of the paper, densely pressing a towel to tattoo skin.
  7. After, as a sheet with sticker completely get wet, hold 20-30 seconds and carefully remove paper. Tattoos should be left on the skin.
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To remove a tattoo, carefully wipe the skin swab with cream, baby oil or olive oil.

How many keeps tattoo

Picture keeps about 3 days. If you do not use lotions and soaps in place stickers, It will remain longer.

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Flash tattoo, a photo

Let's take a look at, How to stylishly combine and apply different tattoos.

Decorating for a party:

Metallic Flash tattoo on shoulder, a photo

Metallic Flash tattoo on shoulder, a photo

Golden tattoo go well with white, Brown and coral color. Ideal to little black dress.

Flash tattoo


Flash tattoo on her back, a photo

Tattoo on back, a photo

Flash tattoo look stylish on the beach, Therefore,, going on vacation to the sea, don't forget to take a few favorite labels:

Tattoo Beach

Tattoo for the beach

Flash tattoo on hair

Beautiful pictures you can decorate not only the body, but hair. Especially for the new year. Best look-stripes stickers, located along the hair growth.
Note, that is too fine lines and intricate drawings are lost in your hair and will look messy, so choose a simple drawing, but stylish.

Flash tattoo on hair

Golden tattoo on hair

Where to buy Flash tattoo

Now these stylish decoration can be found in regular stores, but it would be cheaper to order labels in specialized online stores, – see there, where a large selection of.



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  • orenkomp

    Took in the store. Truth found them in instagram. Normal quality, Depending on the body parts tattoos were worn 3-5 days.

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