March 19, 2018

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9 идей, What to wear to the Office in summer

Идеи, что надеть в офис летом

Grey suit, black skirt, white blouse… Boring? Tired of? In summer, let yourself look bright at work, but of course, within the limits of the dress code. Here are a few ideas, What to wear to the Office in summer, that will help diversify a work wardrobe.

4. Strong dress style – feminine and very summery. Blue color not so boring, as black, but lets stay within Office style. Give preference to summer dress with a simple pattern instead of a solid color.

Платье для работы в офисе

Dress for Office work

5. Silk blouse and bright pants

Комплект с брюками

Set with pants

6. Gently, but business-like
Polka dot dress – irreplaceable thing in the locker room. It is universal and can make a lot of kits in any style.

Платье в горошек для офиса

Polka dot dress for the Office

by the way, pastel shades are ideal for summer Office wardrobe. See more 23 spectacular image in pastel colors.

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7. Coral color blends well with the hacks. To create a more rigorous set of additional style jacket on a couple of shades darker or lighter, What blouse.

Идея для офиса

Bright idea for Office

8. In shades of lavender

Идея для лета, что надеть на работу

Идея, What to wear to the Office in summer

9. Flowers
If the dress code allows, You can afford such besproigryshno-summer version in the Office

Стильный комплект для работы летом в офисе

Stylish Kit for summer work in the Office



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