July 18, 2019

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How to wear a sweater with skirt?

Sweater with skirt

Pullover, blouse, pullover, jacket — the most popular clothes in the off-season. From what to wear, not to look bored? When sweater with shorts. If you do not like, try the classic version-sweater with skirt.

Long skirt to the knee or just below enjoy accessorizing with waist or direct on shape sweater. Be sure to draw the waist belt, — become a fashionable and feminine. Avoid wearing long wide skirt with voluminous sweater, to not look meshkovato.

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Whether in a skirt sweater dress?
Thin sweater or turtleneck you can tuck under her skirt, If you have a thin waist.

Мода, осень, зима. Свитер с юбкой: Chloe, Aquilano.Rimondi, MaxMara
Fashion, autumn, winter. Sweater with skirt: knitted sweater Chloe, pullover Aquilano Rimondi., sweater with shoulder straps MaxMara

In fashion sweaters all styles and sizes: short sweater combines with any skirt, large sweater wear untucked with a short skirt or dress with only front (see. Dries Van Noten for a photo).

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Fashionable belting belt sweater.

Мода, осень, зима. На фото свитер с юбкой: Osman, Dries Van Noten, Cacharel
Fashion, autumn, winter. On the photo sweater with skirt: Osman, Dries Van Noten, Cacharel

Photo, How to wear a sweater with skirt

Photo, How to wear a sweater with skirt

The hit of the season — skirt with Ruffles. This skirt looks playfully and suitable girls with Slim legs. by the way, skirt with Ruffles fashionable wear with tall boots or socks, as pictured.

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Мода, осень, зима. На фото: юбка и свитер Generra, юбка и свитер Banana Republic, юбка и свитер Generra
Fashion, autumn, winter. On the photo: Pink skirt and striped sweater Generra, skirt and sweater Banana Republic, skirt and yellow thin sweater Generra

Skirts are relevant only in evening dresses. Ultrashort mini skirts are not as popular, as in the previous season, Instead, they are now shorts. To visually look slimmer, short skirt and sweater by shape of one color, as at the last photo.



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  • Irina

    On me, so a sweater partially filled in a skirt often looks messy (depends on the mass of trifles, type color, style, etc.). Better belt. But it's a matter of taste.

  • Maria

    All models, as I see, designed for one type of shape. What do dvushkam with his legs, but relief forms? I understand, tight sweater and their dignity will emphasize, but the emphasis shifted towards thinness…

  • Lo

    Да , This is only to measure the glasses, with a little tummy ( for pregnant women to 6 of the month – OK)- If the skinny legs!!

  • Svetlana

    Sweater with a long skirt looks good too.

  • Alina Tarasova

    I think, What if we pick up both of these things correctly – It will look beautiful) the main thing to styles and colors combined. I recently purchased a similar sweater, now pick up skirt)

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