July 22, 2019

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Fashion wedding dresses, who prefer celebrities

Vera Wang wedding dresses

What wedding dresses Choose star? One of the most popular brands-Vera Wang. These gorgeous wedding dresses are perfect for brides. In the past year in fashion were black dresses for wedding, This year the fashionable Add to dress black tape or gloves.

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Свадебные платья Vera Wang
Wedding Dresses Vera Wang

Однако, not to be “as all” It is better to replace black on any other color, which do you like. for example, make red or Golden accent is fashionable and “with a twist”.
Still photo: fashion wedding dresses.

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reviews: 5

  • Irina

    I really enjoyed….

  • Zhana

    Hmm, well, it means I'm going to keep up with the most famous in the wedding world designer. This year, Sheila white wedding dress trimmed with black Venice lace. Very original and not at all as all. Besides the wedding bride with groom established dress code, None of the guests was not in black

  • Bla-Bla-moda

    Zhana, Some people have a sense of fashion, t. e.. they anticipate trends and it allows you to be one step ahead of everyone and always look original and inimitably. By the time when everyone starts getting dressed “as all”, they are already moving on to the next trend. Zhana, Congrats, you're one of them!
    by the way, establish a dress code for the guests at the wedding is a very correct decision.

  • Andruha. 1952

    Yes.. Vera Vang sew chic wedding dresses… There are Alfred Angelo – me his dresses even more like. But again only and remains, that stare..

  • Lisa

    I really like, It is gentle and simultaneous spectacular

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