December 4, 2021

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Fashion for women for 40 and 50

How to dress up those, 40  60

The biggest mistake women for 40 and especially for 50 – This is the thinking that “fashion only for young”. They dress outdated, looking for examples of “fashion for those who for …”. Girls, Dear, fashion – It is for all ages. And it is not necessary to dress age, (a) by figure.

Coco Chanel: “Youth fashion – pleonasm; senile fashion doesn't happen!”

Fashion – This is modern canons of beauty, that help an individual look in the spirit of the times, young and stylish. It is impossible to dress tastefully, But analog – This contradiction. Vintage clothing on girls looks interesting, but women 50+ turns in old women. So the older you become, the more you need to take into account fashion trends and be aware of, that it is now fashionable.
The most interesting, many women like myself do not consider elderly, But what concerns clothes, around itself restrict “This is just for the young!”- for this reason, look like an old woman, and already in 40. Let's understand, still, what is the real problem and how to resolve it.

The main rule for beauty

Never mind, how old are you, 20 or 80, full or thin,small or large. Trying on clothes always remember only one most important rule: hide flaws, emphasizes the dignity!

Dress should be for his age, and the figure. Taking into account the individual characteristics of.

A woman at any age looks incongruous not when dressed fashionably, and when worn tasteless. What happens with age? Changing shape! Only and only. AT 20 was slender and poised, and after the childbirth began… So many and it seems: times I can no longer wear the same size, as before, the fashionable dress and can't. Nonsense! A woman with taste can always adapt modern ideas under its shape. And don't listen to those, who says, that the age for 50 You cannot wear white or wear bright. You Can ALL, that suits your shape.

At the age of over 50 It can be worn all, that suits you!

At the age of over 50 dress should be fashionable and stylish

Age should not be taken into account, and the features of the figure

All women have different shapes. And the same shape with age does not become, so you can all “one size fits all” dressing. At the fatties are the same problems with a small breast size like hudyshek, and girls in 18 may be ashamed of their feet is not less, than women 80. The approach to keeping fit and individually, if you for …, just Forget about his age. Trust, it does not matter. Browse fashion collections and look for yourself fashion ideas. But! In the light of the new shape features. And be sure to – follow fashion! Not for those, What is the “go all”, and for fashion – It has different concepts.

"Keep an eye out for fashion. Even if you can't afford. Fashion inspires and constitutes. You cannot dress up tasteless, If you know the fashion laws and your eyes become accustomed to the wonderful images».
Victoria Beckham

Age is not. for example, These are suitable for any age ideas for work or these luxury fur coats, or fashion stripes… You can continue to infinity. Fashion ideas – These are just tips for your wardrobe, to always stay up-to-date. I repeat: with age have to take into account only the new shape features. And here are those, who do not take into account changes in shape, – look ridiculous. But not because that dress up not by age – they dress out of shape! Same age – This advantage: nakaplivaesh' knowledge and begin to dress elegantly, tastefully.

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Clothing stripes

Got fat …

If the shape has become full and you do not vlazish' the old stuff, It is not the age to blame. Just admit to yourself that the, that rastolstela, then carefully study the very useful tips: How to dress in full. I do not want to be thick? Secret will not open, If I say, what you should eat less and exercise. And do not say, that does not help, – This self-deception. It's better to honestly tell myself: love to eat, I don't want to go in for sports, but I'll still dress stylishly and modernly. Fat women too can be babe.

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If it does make it difficult to choose the style and color, look, how to dress a woman your age with a similar figure, – copy their style, but not literally, and take account of their figures and make up your own wardrobe.
by the way, Best accessory for women of any age and physique - smile!

Examples and photos

Today I will show pictures of women, 40 40. They are all different, but each of them has impeccable taste. Pay attention, that any of these dresses could wear and girl 20 years:

The famous actress Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren), 1934 G. R., on her photo 75 years

актриса Софи Лорен (Sophia Loren)

“Learn how to use your brains as dexterously, as your powder compact, and then maybe you have a powder box and does not need ...”
Sophia Loren

heard, that women aged undesirable wear bright clothes? What nonsense!

актриса Софи Лорен (Sophia Loren)

Less famous Soviet actress Ewe Kiwifruit (Kiwi home), 1938 G. R., on her photo 71 year

актриса Эве Киви (Eve Kivi)

And for women 60 It is very pantsuits and short stylish haircuts.

Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda), 1937 G. R., on her photo 72 of the year

Джейн Фонда (Jane Fonda)

Cindy Joseph, 63 of the year,
It has become a model for the brand Dolce&Gabbana in 46 years

Синди Джозеф

Cindy Joseph, 63 of the year

Life Cindy Joseph in 49 years dramatically changed for the better. At this age she decided, that we should not fight for the youth and it is not necessary to hide, how old are you. Cindy says, that his age should be happy.

“The joy of life - this is the best cosmetics for women”.
Cindy Joseph

Do not you think all these women are gorgeous? Whose style do you like better? whose approach?

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Twiggy presents its new collection of clothes

Twiggy presents its new collection of clothes

Important addition

Of course, so if you want to look at 60-70, we should start to follow the figure and skin in the 20 years! It is better not to use grandmother's methods, and the latest achievements of science, - Because our grandparents could not even dream to look at 70-80 years as well, as it is now looking woman. Even the rich and famous was not possible. Now even a simple, but well-groomed woman looks better in 40 years, than Sophia Loren, when she was 40.

"The ability to dress up is based on three pillars — simplicity, good taste and habit to follow a, — and it's not expensive».
Christian Dior

“But this is a celebrity!..”

Again ishheshh' excuses? Fail! For example, see pictures of ordinary women “before and after”, that resemble, that a woman of any age can be beautiful …if he wants 😉 Without plastics, and even without the gym. Suffice it to change the hair style, makeup and clothing. and smile! Smile!!!

Here are three more useful rules.:

1. Get to know your flower-type inflections, choose the appropriate hairstyle and clothes. Feel free to look brighter.

Style for women, Work Image Studio Konstantin Bogomolov

Style for women 47 years, Work Image Studio Konstantin Bogomolov

2. Stop wearing baggy clothes and finally get a trendy short haircut!

Style for women over 60

Image for a woman 63 years, Work Image Studio Konstantin Bogomolov

3. You must have at least one fashionable and stylish suit in your wardrobe. – wear it at least once a month.

Style for women over 50

Style for women 54 years, Work Image Studio Konstantin Bogomolov

Once again: keep track of fashion trends! The older the woman, the better you need to delve into trends and revise your wardrobe more often. Only young girls with a model figure can afford to wear an outdated jacket and look good. With age, the figure changes more, therefore it is necessary to revise the wardrobe more often and try on new modern things.

Forget about years, follow the fashion and be dazzling at any age!!!



reviews: 38

  • Tatyana

    Photos-compare very impressed. Well, nothing so they changed. Just like that, When you see clearly the contrast, then carefully choose, that on himself to wear. Hand, potjanuvshajasja for thing in the locker room, will come to a standstill, and reaches for another. Taste in itself need to educate, exactly. With him are not born. And heels –
    they put a picture of shoes with heels. At our age we should remember and brittle bones, and the unstable gait.

  • Svetlana

    Girls, love yourself and nurture! In the truest sense!! This means, that figure should follow for, rather than whining. Celebrities from ordinary women differ only in order, to keep yourself in shape. I personally women with braces does not like. Natural person prettier look. But it's a matter of taste. And you can style and learn to. To me 58, weight 60, growth 168. More 40 years nobody gives. And when I was 46, It looked like a 60-year-old, weighed 78. Then just stopped whining and undertook for himself.
    1. Follow the figure, do not be lazy. Minimum 3 km per day at least quick step.
    2. Eat less!!! Eat only half of the, What are accustomed.
    3. Follow the fashion! Not dress up as an old woman. Your age – only passport, and look you so, How to feel. We must choose for themselves over a shape model.
    All this is possible, If you do not be lazy.

    • Анна

      Agree completely. by the way, heard as the, that women in 45 as old as the soul, and after 50 young again. And that's OK. 45 – this old age of youth, end of youth. And in 50 – It is the youth of old age! young again)))

  • Olga

    The article also has pictures of ordinary women “before and after”. And the difference is amazing. How many beautiful women walking on the streets like that, and do not represent the, however, they can be. For example on the first photo I would a woman “to” and have 50 given to. and here “after” – a little more 30. On the second – like mother and daughter. A third – general extraordinary transformation. On the left can be seen just a nice person, and on the right – Confident beautiful woman. And braces because these women has not been done, all this has been put in them, just do not open. So what about the huge money it still does not go.

  • Oksana

    Well, you put a woman on the heel, for when she 65-70 Ahi with osteochondrosis arthrosis, which is almost all at that age and where it will go far? The most important thing to keep in shape, as the taste of life was, then the desire will pomodnichat without extreme measures.

    • Анна

      Me so far 57, but the legs are aching and spin. And ,конечно, Heels are in the past. I figure how to keep and nutrition and employment. So write for yourself Kits primarily focusing on comfortable shoes without heel. Benefit, now such shoes in fashion. Slipony sneakers, martinesy, boots… Read a lot about what to wear to combine, look photo, then compose, I am looking for and then buy.

  • Tatyana 54 of the year.

    Good for women, But do not discount the fact, that our grandmothers did not do a facelift. When celebrities are showing the right to write footnotes made three circular lift or does every two years. It will be more honest, as well as fooling. I support the idea that a woman would have to look after themselves but without lies.

    • Svetlana

      nothing, that the topic of fashion and clothing? I do not understand, and here facelift?? It would be nice, before something blurt, to begin with at least read the topic. By the way, bad character and eternal always grumbling old woman – a hundred braces do.
      I like, when a woman over the age of 60 well dressed – nice to see. Thanks to the author for good examples. Like Cindy Joseph. I agree with her, that the joy of life – best cosmetics!

  • Camilla

    There are people, which at least how many shows, provides examples of, to give advice – all to no avail. There will be whining and constantly look for reasons, what “Now those money, and I have no”, “Her beautician, and I have no” and so on. I think, these people every day watching television, so detached from reality – on TV inspire similar. In reality, the beauty of the money does not depend entirely. To be beautiful at the age of 60, must be understood, that first of all it is necessary to follow the figure, otherwise no clothes will not help.
    I do not know, Who said, but it has become my motto: “Want - find time, You do not want to - find a reason”
    Personally, I'm always motivated by good examples – no matter they are actresses and ordinary women. To me 67, I look better contemporaries, more 55 nobody gives. Her friends are jealous, but when I invite along for a jog, at once “no time” or speak “eat less” – in reply “I can not resist”. Do not look for reasons, looking photos and motivating course, take care of yourself. Nothing complicated here, and certainly no money for it is not necessary. But you need patience and a desire to. But it's nice to hear compliments from men then – Yes, at 67 it is possible, and all this I wish. Live a full life, rejoice, smile and “not many zhrite” – this is the main secret of success! Even dancing is good for health and figure.

    And all I recommend – do not watch TV! Especially news, that cause stress and the mind-numbing – all this is reflected in the appearance. But the most important thing, All news – lies. Do not spoil the nerves because of lies. It is proven, that stress has a direct impact on health. I know, that now many do not agree with me, but you try it at least a week not to watch or read the news – mood improves, You will feel younger, and life will be much better. the main thing, immediately find the time to run and care for themselves 😉

    • Olga

      If you live in a society, accordingly only a good figure and sports can not completely dissociate itself from him. We should probably take up more favorite things, but do not forget about a healthy lifestyle.

    • Анна

      Fully soglasga with you

    • Irina

      Totally agree with you, it all depends on us. And about the news 100%!

  • love

    I agree with Krasun entirely. They all have money, stylists, etc.. And I, too, all looking for and do not find, to show us ordinary women with average incomes and the usual figures in our 60 the age. I think, and that we can put so , that we all 100 looked. But at most it does not work, and they say that the same can be fashionable dress and inexpensively.

  • Nastya

    What – the actress is no longer a woman? laugh)
    I would not want to watch the vice-versa on “ordinary people”, whose tasteless, no style. We must learn from the best! Who studies, he looks cooler, than the actress and the richest woman. So Princess and obtained from the common people. Sophia Loren from a poor family – see what beauty! Itself did. I personally closer to the style of Jane Fonda – she is gorgeous!

  • tatjna

    I hoped to see the fashion for women, and I saw actresses and their image. In life. through the streets of ordinary people go, and not an actress. Where the people fashion?

    • Nina

      I asked a question, but received no reply. Why show an example of Western Stars, and where we?

  • Beauty

    This is not an example. These women have a lot of money. And they are not without plastics and individual massage therapists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, dieticians and other, other, other! So that, bad example. Mere mortals they are not catching up. Give us an example, but without Photoshop, ordinary Russians, or women post-Soviet space, you can even from well.

    • Olga

      Every woman has its own life and its environment, which she can create. In the world of stars and stellar life a lot of money. But do not envy them very – and they have quite different problems – star.

    • Lana

      Alla + Rotary + Peha + allegrova.

      • Svetlana

        Cute ladies, a woman at any age you want to follow a, ” clean feathers”. Need it, in the first place, to please yourself, and in the second, close. Try, even when went pregnant, wearing fashionable, with Lurex blouses, Sheela wide pants and tunics, who graced the applique, kompoziciziej of Ribbon and beads. Look at your photos, in an interesting situation, and like me myself and vygojazhu age younger than. the main thing, you need to love and accept yourself at any age. Thank God for all, that gives life!

        • Анна

          With Lurex fashion… well well

  • Galina

    Bpolne solidarity with comments. I constantly compare their feelings and desires (to me 72) with my mother's age (He died in 86let). It seems incredible, she felt sure the same. As rightly said Oscar Wilde – “The trouble is not that, we grow old outside, and in that, that we remain within the young”. And how I want to dress stylish and now! But where to learn it? Now on TV and in boutiques did not find our age / or recommendations, no clothes /. Very sorry!

    • Olga

      Dress stylishly and beautifully teaches magazine”Burda”. I advise you and begin to sew on its recommendations. Crafts at your age is very good hobby.

    • Lana

      well it is necessary to come up with a – burda ! Terrible there patterns- full slops !!!. Galina, idite of gold – ZARA has a lot PLAS., for obese women. Classic affordable.

    • Наталья

      Drew attention to yourself your comment: pleases, that you won't complain no matter what, but only regret, It's hard to find decent clothes and create the desired image I somewhat younger, but difficulties in a stylish quality clothing, Although tastefully like no problem (not my personal opinion). Sometimes pretty well with the images in “Fashionable verdict”, Choose the right direction for you… As things look for in Internet – stores. Already knowing, What would I like to, looking for a long time, see in detail, choose – This kind and fun and sport, akin, I guess, Chess, No matter how funny it sounded, – We should head to lose all the images, raspotroshit their holdings and, do not forget at the same time, whether it is necessary it or this momentary urge? Good luck and fun!

  • Martha

    I would say even more - they do not even dare to dream to live! before that age! Although, may be, and would not dream of. And my grandmother, My great-grandmother lived through the maternal line, respectively, 92 and 102 of the year (grandmother 1897 the year of birth) And you say- dreamed. But mamulechka- Total 70 years. Granny in 87 years has dug potatoes and hay metala.Bosikom walked through mown meadow. * And how to sing like Ruslanova. AT 75 years she was given no more 50. And no newfangled cosmetics- only healthy food and fresh air of the village fields and forests.

  • Tatyana

    In its 55 I'm not going to get old. In its first anniversary in 50 years I told everyone, I have still yet to come. And so it happened. AT 54 I got married. AT 55 organize your business. I wish all women to follow the example of Sophia Loren and James Funds – these women are worthy of emulation!!! But in general, I think, the most important thing – do not be sad, find yourself a dream that touched, dream, dream! Dreams Come True. Checked!

    • Galina

      Completely agree. First and foremost, we must not lose heart and be able to wear things. I more prefer young fashion items. Allows me to my figure. And ,uniquely, seen as wearing there. The grey mass. Russian women are beautiful! Simple way of life and way of life was another. Dear women rejoice in life and dress as you want. Let nothing you haven't darkened. Good mood .

  • Elena

    Thanks to these wonderful women are not afraid to grow old!
    As soon as the young leaves – panic begins, that life is over. In the book, whose author was Sophia Loren, she quoted his friend a man, so he said interesting things: “I do not like women aged 35 to 45 – they are old. But after 45 they wake up the fire! And they are young again!”
    Really, from 35 to 39 How do I stop my life… and now I think, that has yet to come!!! ))))

  • Tatyana

    Jane Fonda – great. The main thing in any age – This internal state, self-confidence, initiative, employment, new goals and a constant knowable world, Peace of mind and love of life. All women – do not be sad, To not give up, enjoy every day, no matter how provoked people and life circumstances. Be in love – always be loved.

  • larisa

    Most of all, I always shake the image of the Mother of the novel Gorky “Mother”. After all, everyone saw the selfless old woman. And if you count sensibly, as it then? – years 40-45! Here's how to change over time the perception of women age!!!

  • Kira

    I like Jane Fonda. In its 72 it looks cool! In his youth, it seems, that beauty will always. But after 35 you begin to regret, it is not enough followed the appearance. Especially spoils the appearance of smoking. But, Alas, at 20 years do not understand.

  • Tatyana

    Finally paid attention to fashion and adults and very adult girls. Statistics strongly suggests, we are many and very much in the country. Thank you!

  • Alyona

    Quote: “because our grandparents could not even dream to look at 70-80 years as well, as it is now looking woman”.
    I would say even more than – they do not even dare to dream to live! before that age! Although, may be, and would not dream of.

  • Raisa

    Although I was a nickname “Sophia Loren”, but I do not want to dress so openly, even in their 55. But Sophie admired! Want similar to Olga Sviblova – chichi

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