July 22, 2019

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Do you like the word “Onion”?

I guess, all have noticed, articles about fashion authors often used the word “Onion”. In fact, there is nothing to do with onions, who eat. The word “Onion” (from the English “look”) in this context, the closest thing to a Word “image”, but “Onion” more precisely expresses the essence of the. Imagine, you go down the street and by pass girl. The rest of you haven't noticed, a girl this notice, okinuli her gaze, and saw no dress, no boots, No makeup, and everyone in General, is a look.

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The word is uneasy hearing literate people, But however accurately reflects the, what they are talking about. Amazing, that in our “great and mighty” sometimes words are not enough, and something quite simple have to express in a few words, is uncomfortable.

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On the other hand, in my opinion, to the surrounding people should be treated respectfully and with Russian speaking in Russian. Otherwise we, living in Russia, already communicate how Russian immigrants in America, which American has not learned, and Russian forgot.

I personally do not like this word: “Onion” sounds like oglamurennyj delirium (“King greymane looks cool street fashion blog which bows on Dunya's maiden room Ivanavny”), (a) ” look” — Alternately.
Однако, have Word use, in order to accurately convey the essence of. I would like to know your opinion, What's less uneasy hearing: “Onion” or “look”, “fancy bows” or “fashion looks”, and can “trendy looki”, “fashion images”, “fashion faces”?
Your options?

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  • Elena

    It looks like the English word – it sounds good. But when we “vtyuhivayut” moreover “with high steeple” the words, which you can pick up a huge amount of exact synonyms in Russian (the authors truthfully speaking, that even in such a rich language, as the Russian, it is impossible to find a decent replacement), it offends. Korobyt! Nevыnosymo korobyt, When you see and hear about “Luke”, “styling”, “Sayle” etc. Russian emigrants made every effort to preserve and pass on to descendants beautiful pure Russian speech…What we do?

  • Tatyana

    Another way to deal with the Russian culture… substitution of our, beautiful, wise, rich non-native language shortened catchwords… Method stand illiterate upstarts, to rise above the naive, plain, most of the population. psychological move, to impose any unnecessary junk)))) Replacing phrases and sentences in a word, leading to a paucity of speech, and as a result, loss of full communion. look “Onion”, and see “***”(sorry, in one word did not work)))… “All this would be funny, if it were not so sad.” Lermontov M.Yu..

    • Tatyana

      You seem to stand out here decided :))) That's exactly say: human irritated, with which he has a problem.
      Lermontov not in the subject. Learn the Russian language and Russian literature, if you borrowed the word so will not irritate.

    • WWW

      These words are used degrading youth, It has the same word “image”, “appearance”.. what is not appropriate? not fashionable?

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